Comfort, simplicity ruled design trend to hit restaurants in 2016
Comfort, simplicity ruled design trend to hit restaurants in 2016

This year is going to be maroon. Yes, welcoming new resolutions, new times and new direction 2016 brings in the distinctive stylistics from the bouquet of interior designer’s trends addressing the importance of color,intensity, patterns and textures to create a sensory-rich space.

The 2016 trends is a combination of varying hues, centered on simplicity, serenity and seamlessness weaving classical designs and vintage elements together to construct a stimulating environment in the design space.

There is a conscious need of design detox from the past year and the focus is on being clutter free by simplifying the details enabling the designer to be creative and renewed.

Showcasing opulence with embellished interiors combined with the contemporary modern overtones is the shift happening in the customers’ mindset leading to a huge comeback of the classic revival style with its extravagance and a twist to its color palette.

Designers like ‘Sanjiv Malhan’ of OFIA consider the 2016 trends to be a blend of the old world and the contemporary.  Use of antiques, colour bursts of gold, brown, blue, statement mirrors , luxurious textures of wood, veneer, leather, symmetry through use of geometric pattern are highlights of this year’s design trends. “The emphasis on detailing will be contemporary-styled merged with structures of the bygone era. Take the case of Victorian chair for instance with its vastness of design the intricate carvings but with a firm minimalistic paneling exhibiting the blend of a vintage-cum-contemporary style,” shared Malhan.

This year Interior style will be inspired by hand-crafted collectables as furnishings are becoming tailored as per individualistic needs.

Revisiting the art and craft of making things by hand, instantly adds a distinct and personal touch to any interior space. Likewise, practice of using high quality leather with hand stitched detail has made a comeback infusing the space with a true sense of workmanship and artistry. As rightly said by Paulo Coelho - “What else is design but a method of alchemy …to transform the ordinary, the quotidian or the just plain unworkable into something beautiful, something rare, something usable.”

‘Sanjiv’ also emphasizes on the sensory experience of the design elements and there is a need of appreciation of creative elements by consumer hence, is drawn to the creative aspects of the home.

As for Restaurants, there would be more likely being trending simplified classical and luxurious designs in the coming year. The customers’ are looking for spectacular and elegant experiences alongside satisfying the culinary needs.

Diners seek experiences which will enhance their socializing and a feel of special event with the restaurants they choose to visit.Thus, restaurant interior designers who take customers down the memory lanes of bygone era are catching up with the frenzy and excitement of restaurant patrons.

The customer in today’s time displays greater appreciation for craft with a growing relationship of luxury. A blend of comfort, simplicity and experimentation with design brings in the much needed consumer engagement where modern reflections of the fundamentals of interior design can be witnessed.

And, this is where the industrial style would heavily influence the diners’ choice as another favored aesthetic element of the restaurant interior designing.

Acknowledging the fervor of new year as much as the ever-growing demand of newness in experiences of day-to-day interactive spaces, this year is going to be Maroon, where beauty and detail greets you every project resolved well.

By Invite; Sanjiv Malhan, Principal Designer, OFIA

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