Coronavirus Effect: Why Contemporary Hospitality is the New Trend in the Sector
Coronavirus Effect: Why Contemporary Hospitality is the New Trend in the Sector

The word ‘contemporary’means living with the time. In this modern technological era, demand for hotels of all types from small guesthouses to boutique, country house and large commercial properties have been strong all over the world. The concept of a contemporary hotel is predominantly the general map for how the hotel will meet the requirements and expectations of its anticipated market. A hotel operation’s model is articulated in numerous ways, including its menu, interior decoration, type of service, pricing, and site. Concept growth means developing a map for the accomplishment of the hotel business in its market in advance of really scheming let alone building the hotel. Concept development come before the definite design of the hospitality venture because the hotel design group must know the demand, menu, and hours of operation, and not forgetting the mode of service.

Technology will drive the future hospitality biz

Hospitality Industry continued to change, which has made it more practical and functional in the world! The types of services and facilities that are offered by the great industry and has emerged from the past decade. All this is possible because of the widespread use of technology, environment friendly services, pricing, market division, regional preferences, etc. The relation of technology and hospitality industry will grow stronger in the years to come. The use of technology is present in all departments of the hotel; the upgrade reflects the motion of the hotel services.

Travelers increasingly will turn to their mobile devices not only research accommodation and travel options, but to book and communicate directly with the hotel options. Booking mobile channel has been multiplied by four between 2008 and 2010 Revenue management has changed since the days it was first introduced by the airline industry in 1970 to be a complex science today. Managers always lowering prices to stimulate sales when demand is low and prices have risen during periods of peak demand. Hotels are now able to update prices for all future arrival dates to meet the market demands every day, through the application of advanced market information. TravelClick has reported passenger demand and visualize group bookings a year in advance.

Merger and Acquisitions are on Card

Medium sized hotels will be taken by brand chain like the Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Ramada, etc. while location will be the priority to choose a hotel by future traveler, brand names will be the next preference.

A capsule hotel is a type of hotel, developed in Japan, which is a large number of very small “rooms” (capsules) cheap and easy accommodation for guests who do not require offers the services of more conventional hotel services offered.

A condo hotel, also known as the hotel-condo or a Condotel, is a building used as a hotel and two condominium. Condo hotels are usually high-rise buildings developed and operated as luxury hotels in major cities and resorts in general. These residential units which allow someone to have a holiday full service.

An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and, in some cases, some steel framing. They are promoted by their sponsors and have special features for travelers who are interested in novelties and unusual environments, and thus are in the class of destination hotels. Their lobbies are often filled with ice sculptures, and food and drinks are specially chosen for the circumstances.

A pop-up hotel is a hotel that is temporary, being in one place for a short period before being moved. These hotels can be constructed from prefabricated modules that are connected together on site or from removable structures such as tents or they can be completely mobile, being built on a large vehicle. These hotels provide accommodation for seasonal events or unique such as music festivals in the outdoors.

A Turbaza is, generally the Soviet era, the Russian form of cheap, Spartan, holiday, a visit or a base camp tour. Turbazas are generally rented to groups or companies who rent the entire facility for holiday accommodation for their members or employees. They are generally rustic located in rural areas that offer outdoor recreation. Eat, sleep, and often is housed in

Fusion would be the New norm

Another aspect of future trends would be fusion of cuisines. The French started this trend with the ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ mixing eastern food products with western ones. Fusions restaurant will grow as the new adventurous public will search for new gastronomic experiences.

Technology has had a positive effect on the internal processes of an organization, but also changed the way the work of the HR staff. Some managers in the hospitality industry will see the application of technologies to operational issues as a problem. It is true that technological systems used in the bar, front office, restaurants, etc. much more advanced and complex than those currently available only for a short time, continue to grow, these systems quickly. The approval of the computer and other technologies from all levels of an organization is a major challenge in view of the sponsoring organizations. For example, if the systems are updated and new technologies have made the workers’ struggle to adapt. It is not a positive attitude towards it.

The hospitality industry is facing many contemporary issues in today’s world. There is lots of managerial and operational issue in the hospitality industry. Some of the operating issues are standard operating procedure, food and safety, employee expectations, flexible working, socio- cultural issues, recruitment and retention, e-commerce etc. whereas the managerial issue are key players in the hospitality industry, international aspects, marketing considerations, education and training providers, media issues etc.

To conclude we must consider that the hospitality industry is composed of two factors. They are accommodation and sustenance. Accommodation is one of the important sectors of the hospitality industry. Millions of tourists travel worldwide every year. So thousands of rooms are required to accommodate such tourists. Therefore, it is price worthy to invest in the accommodation sector. Moreover, the yearly events worldwide which mean large number of tourists will be coming to these place help sustainability .As a result there is a need to build more hotels for the tourists. So the business people can invest in this sector which would be more fruitful. Contemporary hotels have a play an important role in the near future.

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