Creating a Go-To Place for Everyone
Creating a Go-To Place for Everyone

Fond of latest music which is trending globally, Gaurav Aggarwal, Owner, Hudba Lounge started this musical concept in GK, Delhi. Being a regular visitor and an admirer of Tomorrrowland event during his studies in the UK, he is trying to bring those international musical experience locally at his lounge. Experts from the interview:

How did the idea of starting your own lounge pop up in your mind?

While I was doing my post-grad in United Kingdom, I took up a part time job at a pub. That was my first exposure towards the hospitality industry. Being a student and at the same time a part of the hospitality industry somewhere or the other influenced me to start something of my own where I can add my personal touch. I wanted to create a lounge which was music centric. We wanted to design a place coming with comfort food and great music.

What was the ideology behind naming your lounge as Hudba?

Hudba practically means music. We wanted to create something which can be regarded as a musical place when people talk about hanging out. Being a music lover, the prime motive while coming up with this lounge was to provide people with a place where they can come and enjoy food with great music playing in the background. We personally wanted to serve people with entertaining music which they can take back home from our lounge. That’s how we came up to the name Hudba.

We have seen a sudden rise in liquor space. How is yours different from them?

We are not a very commercial lounge. The objective is to establish a place which can be categorized as your go to place rather than making profits. We are keeping our menu simple with consistent food so that people can easily relate and connect with us. Food and beverages are something which can be found everywhere these days. Our supreme concern is to provide people with wonderful music along with good food so that they can have a pleasant time here at our lounge. We are trying to filter people in terms of music.

What kind of music does Hudba provide to it’s customer?

It totally depends on the time and customers' preference. We are currently experimenting with various genres of music like hip hop and psychedelic. We have live music nights as well. Singers come and perform creating an electrifying environment for our customers as well as for us. People will find amazing music being played every time they come at our place.

What was in your mind while designing the décor of your lounge?

When setting up this lounge, the brief instruction given to the designer was to build a place which can be a non commercial place. A place which won’t look heavy on your head and can define the visitors that they have come to a musical place. I basically wanted a place which should be non intrusive as well as can provide every bit of experience when it’s about music. We wanted to create a place where you can practically walk into wearing your Bermudas. You don’t have to dress up to come to this particular place.

What kind of visitors do you see at your venture?

Our place happens to be GK1, M block market. There are number of shoppers visiting the block daily at lunch time for meeting their independent needs. Being in their area of visit, we witness a variety of people coming to us for having lunch along with their shopping bags. With our quality food and great music, we can see the people leaving our lounge with a great smile on their face.

How is your experience at Tomorrowland helping you to create something different at Hudba?

When you go to Tomorrowland, you get to listen to new music by renowned international disc jockeys. Music like EDM which is currently being played there comes to our reach in approximately three to four months time after that music is viral. I try to bring those latest trend of music directly to my lounge so that people can witness something unique and different. I am just trying to replay new trend of music which is happening around the globe without being repeated in nature.

How do you see the growth of such kind of model in upcoming time? 

I honestly don’t know anything about this. This is more of a passion that I am carrying out. I think that if persistence is there in terms of my concept then there would be takers who would carry this concept forward.

Tell us something about the menu of Hudba.

In terms of food and beverages, we are very simple when it’s about our menu. We are not emphasizing on a certain product too much. We call our place as a comfort place. You can wish whatever you want. If it’s there, well and good, otherwise we try to accommodate that on our menu. The idea is to make it an everyday place where people can come and satisfy their hunger and mood.

What kind of challenges have you faced while running a venture of your own?

The challenges are there with everything. Being a small place, playing with the various genres of music is the biggest challenge I face. Eventually, I think it’s all about perceptions. Once this concept reaches the wider audience, I think then this particular challenge will also be no longer my concern.

What are your expansion plans?

Currently there are no expansion plans. We are looking forward to enhance it even more in terms of quality food and music.

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