Don't be Surprised if a Robot Serves Your Order!
Don't be Surprised if a Robot Serves Your Order!

The restaurant sector is undergoing an interesting transformation with high-end facilities creating new trends to engage customer attention. The latest of these innovations are the inclusion of robots that serve the food and even sing a birthday song or two   


Technology today has become inseparable from human lives. From a basic task to the most skilled one, we have robots or machines for almost everything. However, for the restaurant industry to incorporate robots in their outlets is indeed turning out to be the most novel experience of all. These robots are now changing the landscape of the restaurant sector. For instance, there are restaurants which have robot waiters that take the order, serve food, and may even sing a birthday song if the occasion so demands. Robo Kitchen in Hyderabad is one such restaurant. It is a dimly lit robotics-themed restaurant serving a menu of North Indian and Chinese cuisine. It has four robots and the average cost for two people to dine there is Rs 1,000.


 Manikanth Goud, owner of Robo Kitchen, says, “We thought of doing something new for our restaurant and thus decided to import these robots from Japan. Customers enjoy the services provided by these robots since it provides for a unique experience.” The restaurant provides tabs to customers for ordering food. The order then goes to the kitchen and robots serve the food. The cost of bringing these robots was around Rs 5.2 lakhs and they need to be charged for three hours to last a day. In Bangalore, a food outlet called Robot Restaurant is the first ever ‘robotic’ restaurant of its kind in the city.


The brand launched its Bangalore outlet after tasting success at its ventures in Chennai and Coimbatore. The food served is Indo-Asian with exotic mocktails and it can accommodate 50 diners at a time. Robot Restaurant has six robots. The staff of the restaurant has also been trained to maintain these robots if in case any unforeseen situation arises. Restaurant India had earlier reported about the introduction of a robot named Mitri. In January 2019, travellers passing through the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi were introduced to Mitri, a friendly robot created to give customers a one-of-a-kind engaging experience.


Mitri not only greets incoming customers, but also offers them food recommendations to suit their varied preferences. Travel and food are no more about going to a new place and tasting something new or different; it is about being able to engage all the senses, and experience something novel. This new definition has compelled restaurants to get creative with their offerings and services, and provide something that is both, utilitarian and luxurious. Given that, technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are quickly becoming part of the burgeoning ‘customised’ experience.



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