Eddie's Bistro Changes its Cuisine Philosophy
Eddie's Bistro Changes its Cuisine Philosophy

There is something about your favourite neighbourhood bar and kitchen - you can smell its aroma distinct from a mile away, lucid memories leaving smiles enveloped in familiar tastes on every visit and more than ever, that feeling of it being your home away from home.

Having housed itself in Bandra's heart four years ago, Eddie's Bistro & Bar has multiple stories to tell over countless beers and bites that have been shared with locals from across Mumbai. The Bistro decided to combine its history into its first-ever all-new menu whose sapidity has been crowd-sourced by the travels of the chef, customers and the kitchen team alike!

Eddie's Bistro's debuts an all-new 'Flavor Travel' menu - one that stands poignantly in its nonchalance, with food that is easy to eat yet bold in flavours. 

"We have a wide range of well-travelled people that visit us all year round," mentions Nishant Mitra, Head Chef at Eddie's. "They become our friends and confidants and even our sounding boards. We have been working on this new menu for over six months now as it would be our first significant menu change since our inception. Speaking to the local community that frequents us, our regulars that love us and also on the basis of my recent learnings from a culinary research trip across Europe, all in order to create a new palate that Bandra can fall in love with. To this, our kitchen team has added refinements to create an amalgamation of Euro-world cuisines that we think goes well with our wide array of beers and drinks. We are using local ingredients which are easily available in and around us and our technique is European. At Eddie’s, we make everything from scratch, our bread, dips, sauces and even desserts are all made in-house!” he adds.

Mixing health with savour, this new menu will offer dishes that make the perfect lunch, bar bites that get your taste buds fired up and dinner plates that constitute a gustoso feast.  With an increase in demand from the customers, the vegetarian options have increased in each section from small plates to the main course. From Pesto bocconcini to Creole spiced pasta pops in the section of small plates, diners will get to taste different dips and crackers, cheese platters in sharing plates and many more as all-day treats.

Healthy options like Quinoa, Apple salads and Pumpkin soup have been introduced in the upgraded Soups and Salads section, fresh eggless pasta for the vegetarian patrons, Nutritious nibbles such as Herbs de Provence, Chorizo risotto, Spaghetti bolognese pasta to name a few, add charm to all new mains. The nouveau 'Fat Plates' section is home to the 120-degree chicken and Pork ginger with cranberry and bacon toast whilst all new desserts include Tresleches, almond biscotti, white chocolate and cardamom crème Brulee to pique your sweet tooth.

Keeping in mind the demand from their regular customers, Eddie’s has introduced a brand new section on the menu for eggs! The eggs are now served all day with dishes such as fluffy omelettes, Benny eggs and Pulled pork benny.

“We make all our tapenades, sauces and spice mixes in-house, a quality upgrade of which can be seen in dishes and their accompaniments. We are now experimenting with cranberry relishes, mango-pineapples chutneys, avocado salsa, demi hollandaise, burnt butter bechamel and romesco sauces and charcuterie options such as German-style pork sausages, chicken meat loaves and DIY flatbread which are also on demand from our regulars!" Mitra mentions.

Vegan, diet-friendly and Jain options also find a place in this neoteric menu that can be paired with a refreshed, novel winter cocktail collection that has an interesting mix of local concoctions that have levelled with the times. These include signature drinks likeGondh with the Gin (gandharaj lemon, martini bianco gin and simple syrup), Jim Beam & Tonic, Red Snapper, Spiced Hot Toddy and more.

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