Elevating the home dining experience: This delivery brand is all things 'Fine and Gourmet'
Elevating the home dining experience: This delivery brand is all things 'Fine and Gourmet'

Due to unprecedented times in 2020, everyone was bored of eating home food everyday. Cloud-kitchen is an experience the lockdown has made us to follow, seeing as most restaurants and hotels are only offering takeaway and home-delivery services until now. Fine dining outlets and chefs in the city are upping their game, by coming up with creative ways to bring fine-dining home, with not just delicious feasts, but even personal riders and the right safe cutlery with sanitiser and temperature check of everyone who touched food. Dubai-based restaurateur Bhupendra Nath who hail from Patna in Bihar started a multi-cuisine cloud-kitchen in Gurgaon to tap the ongoing demand for fine-dining, gourmet food at home. “I started my professional journey from the city of Patna over three decades ago. My family is involved in the business of running one of the most prominent hotels in my hometown, and I practically grew-up being surrounded with discussions on food,” added Nath who for better prospects, moved out of India in the early 1990s at the young age of 21 years and set up base in Nigeria, Africa. Over the years, creating one of the most successful fisheries enterprises in Africa and counted amongst the leading traders in the business. Excerpts from the interview:


A one-stop delivery for all things ‘Gourmet’

VDeliver is a unilateral cloud kitchen in Gurgaon with 10 exciting concepts, operating under one master brand. We are offering a variety of gourmet food delivery menus all under one roof. Basically, we have all the food choices to lift your spirits according to your mood. The idea is very simple, to provide amazing fine dining experience at the comfort of your home or office, at some of the most approachable prices with premium safe packaging.


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How have you achieved all this?

Based on the prospect of elevating the revered Indian cuisine & hospitality while bringing it onto global culinary centre-stage, I established Passion F&B as an ode to my family, introducing guests from around the world to a rage of award-winning, home-grown F&B concepts – Trèsind (Dubai/Mumbai), Carnival by Trèsind (Dubai), A Cappella (Dubai), Trèsind Studio (Dubai). With the guiding vision to offer the finest of the hospitality to guests, Passion F&B is my dedication to my father.

Meeting the customer expectation

The motive of our industry is to keep their customers happy. To keep up with the new trends; accept and implement the changes and be visible in the competition; simply nowadays keeping the customers happy is not enough anymore. Customers want more efficient service than before and with consumer behaviour changing constantly, businesses need to up-to-date with consumer expectations. Food and our attitude towards it has been changing, much of which has been rushed by the pandemic. To relive the experience of dining out, people are now ordering in the restaurant like ambience along with food. Make your own is the latest addition to menus where customers are given freedom to make their favourite meal their way by adding specific ingredients & customisation in the dish. As we look back at the last decade, you can compare how our relationships with people, work, and activities and of course, food have been redefined. During these trying times, our obsession with food is something we’ve sought comfort in.


Whats your expansion plan?


Yes, we are looking forward to open our next cloud kitchen in the heart of India, Delhi. I see potential in the surrounding markets and in the brand. Expansion is challenging but rewarding at the same time.

All Things Food

Chef Sahil Singh is taking care of food at VDeliver, a young creative mind with 14 years of experience, he has worked with some of the finest hotels and restaurants in India. With origins from the city of Ambala, Sahil Singh inherited the creative inquisitiveness from his father, who was a Chef, and leadership qualities from his mother, who was a successful entrepreneur. He has worked with brands like Old World Hospitality and Wasabi at the Taj Mahal Delhi, Shanghai Club, Tian, Pa Pa Ya, Bo Tai and TYGR, to name a few. Considering the current trends with the F&B sector, as an extremely pro-active personality, Chef Sahil Singh has curated 10 fantastic gourmet delivery concepts, to be operated from one kitchen, and is all set to introduce it to the world. His take on food:
Sahil Singh

How have you designed the menu for each of the brand? What were certain things you kept in mind while designing it as customers in Delhi-NCR is mature in terms of food?

While designing the menu I kept in mind this is food delivery business. Food has to travel well unlike a restaurant where you can serve the guest in 20-25 minutes here you need at-least 45-60 minutes from the time of order till the guest consumes the food. People in Delhi-NCR like bold flavours and prefer chicken more than any other meat usually.

What’s the average order you get v/s the ticket size?

It depends upon the brand. Luxury brands ticket size varies from Rs 1500-3000 has also gone up to Rs 6000-7000 in few cases. Lower budget brands range between Rs 500-600.


When it comes to cuisine, which is the top three cuisines delivered at Vdeliver?

Our main cuisines are Asian- Origami, Indian- Sehar Saanjh, European- Westside Story and Bakery- Salt & Sugar. Rest all are subdivisions like for Pizzas- The Pizza Studio, Burgers- Honest Buns ,Biryanis- Biryani Walk, Rolls- Roll Sholl etc.

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You are serving multi cuisine with the launch of VDeliver with 10 exciting concepts, how are you managing the kitchen? Is it a single kitchen or multi-kitchen concept?

It is a single kitchen designed in such a manner that we can operate 10 brands and post success of our current brands we are targeting to launch a couple of brands more.

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