Entrepreneurs & Educated Consumers will Disrupt the Future of Eating out
Entrepreneurs & Educated Consumers will Disrupt the Future of Eating out

Grabbing patrons at your restaurants is quite tricky in today’s time as the consumers are no longer concerned merely satisfying their hunger but they are actually visiting your restaurant to find that emotional connect. This connect encourages them to visit your restaurant again and again.

Triggering emotions at ‘Restaurants’

In the last two years, the industry witnessed so much discussion about innovation, tapping the regular customers, because they are the one who is bringing the money back. But, beyond all these will push the restaurant into growth mode is that ‘emotional connect’ which one need to introduce into the brand.

“India has come on the world food map. The kind of customers we receive at our outlet are much more mature than it was a few years back. They try something new every time they visit a restaurant,” pointed out Priyank Sukhija, Owner, Lazeez Afaaire Group.

Sharing the same thought, Zorawar Kalra, MD & Founder, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., shared, “I don’t believe in the brand loyalty because if a person will stick to the same cuisine, there will be no room for other brands to grow. And experimentation and innovation is what we have in our DNA.”

As the brand grows, the customer experiences newness. Add things which the customers can connect with them, the taste of the food, the ambience, the music, the aromas and a multiple of all these things which makes him remember why he was here at your restaurant. 

Commenting on the same, Vikrant Batra, Owner, Cafe Delhi Heights pointed, “Today, the customers want content for their social page; they want experience at the restaurants which they can share with their friends.”

Adding further Vaibav Kumaravel, Partner, The Chinese Story, said, “Being new to the business, we are trying to include all the five senses which can connect the customer with our brand. We are trying to give the customer a quality time at our restaurant.”

With changing time, the restaurants need to be out of their pseudo-modernisation mode and amalgamation of traditional cuisine with a modern touch makes it worth gaining business rather than just serving the way it was a few years back.

“As long as the customers support a brand, they will be regular customers,” shared Dheeraj Gupta, MD, Jumboking Foods Pvt Ltd.

Adding on the same lines, Mohit Khattar, CEO & MD, Nature’s Basket commented, “A very critical presentation of your brand is the need of the hour.”

Hence, we can see that with millennial eating at least 5-6 times a week, the eating out trend is really going to bring India on the world food map as creating emotional connections with the guests drive their need to come to you.

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