Expecting 25-30% Y-o-Y growth: Deepta Gupta, Executive VP, Bikanervala
Expecting 25-30% Y-o-Y growth: Deepta Gupta, Executive VP, Bikanervala

What are the reason to choose locations like hospitals, campuses and railway stations when opening your store?

When we plan to open a store in these types of places we keep in mind that we have to serve better than others focusing on customer satisfaction, as we already know that these places are not so luxurious to have food randomly. We provide them good and hygienic food at a reasonable price.

How do you trend these locations differently from other locations?

Our main concept is to satisfy our customers by providing them good and hygienic food at a reasonable price. Basically, we all know that these places are reasonable and everybody can come and eat at our outlets and by this way we are increasing customer satisfaction and customer database and also spreading our brand name.

What is the business drawn out of these locations?

If our customer footfall is high at these places automatically sale will increase and making it profitable for us. And most of these outlets are running with good profit and we are happy with them.

How is the marketing strategy done for these locations?

Marketing is one of the departments where we have to work smart and hard, a very long list of companies where we have to set a strategy of marketing. Lots of companies are competitors and they also want customer growth; it’s not an easy task to do.  We have to give our 100 per cent effort on marketing strategy, because any outlet first of all depends on your marketing strategy. And we can’t open a store if it has less footfall rather it should have heavy footfall of customers.

And the type of customers based in that particular location is also important, so that our outlet and our price should be according to that. This is not enough, there is also lots of points which need to keep in mind at the time of marketing strategy.

What is the number of non-traditional location’s outlet?

We have total 70 outlets including where we are having good business.

What is the per cent of business done out of these locations?

Total percentage of business done is out of these location is 5 per cent out of total business done.

What is the expected growth from these sites?

We are expecting 25 per cent- 30 per cent growth in year on year basis.

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