'Fatburger is an affordable, quality burger brand'
'Fatburger is an affordable, quality burger brand'

What is the market potential you see for Fatburger in India?

Fatburger, a 65-year-old brand, with locations in over 30 countries, is known worldwide for its quality and flavour. We introduced different variations of menu items to adapt to the country’s cultural preferences, including the substitution of other meats such as lamb in place of buffalo and beef. Over time, I anticipate our brand to have a couple hundred or more units. We expect to initially open 25 stores in the North and 25 in the Southwest, but the market could allow for 250 units very easily down the line.

As the QSR chains are quite popular and doing well in India, how would you differentiate Fatburger from the already popular existing QSR brands in the country?

Fatburger is a made-to-order, custom brand with burger ‘add-ons’ such as chili, cheese, avocado, egg and more. We have a very wide range of menu and we cook everything to deliver one by one, to ensure that we provide our customers with only the freshest food.

How are you going to position Fatburger in India?

Fatburger is an affordable, better burger brand, which prides itself on allowing the customer to completely customise to fit any taste profile and in India we have many different menu options, including lamb, chicken, veggie, etc.

In establishing the first store in Gurgaon, what strategies did you keep in mind? How are your offerings relevant to the catchment?

We are marketing to a local food environment, and dealing with people interested in coming to this location to get their burger fix. We are interested in giving them a wide array of choices to give them exactly what they want.

How do you see the competition from local market?

We do not really compete with the local burger market. We are taking our recipe from the US and adapting it to fit the regional taste profile. It is not a blanket US product; it is a tailored product, so there really is no competition for us.

How many Fatburger outlets are you planning to launch in the coming days? Which are the cities you are targeting for the same, and what would be your choice of locations?

We plan to open around 40-50 units a year for the next three to four years. We just opened in Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Qatar, Canada, and other international cities. We are targeting any market in which we already have franchise partnerships, and we plan to open in other markets as well, whenever it strategically makes sense.

Apart from food and hospitality, what other elements have you designed for the brand
to be successful in India?

It is really about the food, so the primary focus is on the quality of the food.

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