Five Hottest Dessert Trends that will Rule 2019
Five Hottest Dessert Trends that will Rule 2019

Out with the old and in with the New! 2018 has witnessed many changes evolving in the gastronomic preferences of people, especially when it comes to desserts and sweets. As we enter into the New Year 2019, these preferences will give rise to new trends in consumption patterns and choices of consumers.

It is important that the businesses which are a part of the food industry keep a keen eye on these new trends to meet the buyer demand as well as offer variety in their menu to their customers. The overall food industry is expected to witness many shifts this year. When it comes to desserts, here are the five major trends which are expected to drive the industry forward, one bakery at a time.

Demand for healthy desserts: People today actively make an effort to eat foods which will help them to stay away from the burden of non-communicable diseases. Desserts which have a healthy spin attached to them will be more in demand. So don’t be surprised if the next time you open the menu of your favourite bakery and see a new line of special ‘gluten-free’ desserts. Superfoods will see more inclusion, whereas fattening elements of desserts will be lessened to a certain extent. Bakeries have already started receiving orders for ‘healthy’ desserts with a balanced approach towards sugar content. These requests will only increase in 2019.

Affinity for exploring new desserts: Indian consumers are adventurous when it comes to trying cuisines of different cultures and countries. Nothing can replace the value of traditional Indian desserts, but the demand for foreign delicacies, including desserts, will see a rise. People know what the black forest cake tastes like, now they want to know what the Italian latter dolce fritto or the French Choux pastry tastes like.

Exotic fruits and nuts: Similarly, the Indian consumers know what the locally available fruits and nuts taste like in cakes and other desserts. The thrill comes with spicing up the dessert with exotic fruits such as dragon fruit, avocado, kiwi and nuts such as hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, etc. This request complements the insistence for a healthy shift towards desserts.

Bring me the mini-desserts: It is ingrained in the societal thought process that too much of indulgence in desserts opens your body to many diseases. This health conscious perspective has led to an innovative approach by the bakeries to addressing the problem. The dimension of desserts is reduced to bite-sized pieces, which is enough to satisfy the craving of a person and also reduces food wastage- both the business side and the consumer side.

Colourful desserts#Instagram: Instagram is rich with drool-worthy pictures of various food items and desserts which are posted on the social media platform with various hashtags. These hashtags lead a person from one decadent picture of a dessert to another. The foodie photography culture is thriving online, which places importance on the presentation of food items. No more just slapping the pastry on the paper plate. Pamper the customer with beautiful decorative enhancements. Also, multi-coloured desserts will be sought over the usual black, brown and white ones, because the pictures of colourful desserts gain more traction due to their vividness.

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