Five mega food trends to watch in 2021
Five mega food trends to watch in 2021

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole flavor of the restaurant and food business. With customers opting for more health, sustainable and immunity boosting foods, year 2021 would see more and more such concepts hitting the restaurant space. According to Technavio, health and wellness food market is poised to grow by USD 235.94 during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period globally. Driven by increased adoption of eating healthy habits, healthy and super food will be a mega hit in restaurant kitchens. Talking to Restaurant India, experts in the sector carved out these top trends that will be on everyone’s menu in 2021 and years to come:

Adopting more plant based food: Meatless food products are expected to grow from $700 million to $850 million in 2021 in sales according to Euromonitor International. Brands like Evo Foods that also runs a vegan restaurant Candy and Green, Carrot that was India’s first vegan restaurant and the likes have boosted the growth of the segment. Also, we have reached an era where people have got their meat substitute and are binging on such products. “I think the target for plant-based food products is not vegan people but flexitarian who are looking to include more plant-based diet. We look up to them and people who want to substitute their diet and want a better egg, higher quality, more ethical as a customer,” shared Shraddha Bhansali, COO, EVO Foods who is a passionate foodie and a vegan herself.

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Healthy food is here to stay: demand for healthy food is on rise for quite some time now. People are adopting a healthy lifestyle and they are demanding for healthy food packed with nutrition. Healthy food is certainly a roadmap towards future wellness and personal growth. Also, restaurants have tweaked their menu and have included ingredients and raw materials that are packed with nutrition and are immunity boosters.

Healthy Food

Low calories and low-carb: Green salad with salsa is things of passé, Meatza or meat based pizza is the new fad amongst customers. Customers turning more health freak now and hence they are looking at low calories and low-carb foods. Also, these days some restaurants are writing the exact calorie you are taking in the food ordered. You can look at the calorie in the menu card or board presented by the restaurant.


Super food should be the best option in today’s lifestyles: There’s no denying that Indians adopt a trend looking at other markets but we are one of the major importers of such superfood. Haldi doodh was always our grandmother’s favourite recipe but it became popular only global coffee chain played well with their turmeric latte. Ginger, Amaranth, moringa are all being consumed heavily by people in last 8-9 months. In fact, brands have come up with menus and products adopting these ingredients.


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Traditional cooking methods can be the great option: People are going back to their roots and everyone is looking at recipes that are lost and forgotten. “It is extremely important especially for a country like India. We are steeped in our diverse cultures and our food is an extremely important part of it. We should be proud as our food today is a major identity factor across the world. The thing about traditional cooking is that there are no shortcuts. Each dish is a masterpiece. I have seen it myself chefs taking shortcuts with ingredients and preparation, which make it impossible to stay true to traditional recipes even if they gain mainstream popularity,” shared Chef Qureshi Sadab of Westin Gurgaon.

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