"Food is getting reinvented"

Coming from the background of Chemistry and then love and passion for cooking made Chef Indrajit Saha turn into a Chef. He is an inquisitive person who loves evolving new food trends. Chef never wanted to restrict himself to be called as the specialised in one cuisine only, an explorer from the core made his path to where he stands today.

What made you chose hospitality as your career?

It was bit accidental as I have done my graduation in Chemistry and never wanted to be a Chef. My push was towards engineering side and then some day one of my uncles asked me to apply for hotel management. I had no clue about it but the day I entered the kitchen for first time, I was pretty sure to get into it. That’s when I realised to be a Chef.

What makes you stand out in food service industry?

I have worked at different places and explored various kinds of ingredients. What I have realised in those precious years that food industry has gotten incommensurable dimensions. Today food is about global perspective and my USP I would say is to create food from what’s available with a global attitude. Food is getting reinvented and I want to create different experience, I want consumer to feel connection with the food.

Which is the latest food trend hitting the market according to you?

One side, there is good food and other side presentation of that food. Both are necessary to tattoo one’s brand in consumer’s mind. Presentation of good food in a good way is the latest trend in food service industry. Food should amuse consumer and give him/her smile at the same time.

How did changing market segments affect food service sector?

Changing market segments are more of an opportunity rather than a threat in the industry as they push Chefs to innovate something more delicious. Obviously there is a lot of competition but at the same time it enhances creativity. In this industry, everyday you need to challenge yourself and innovate peculiar ideas.

How have you seen food sector growing over the past few years?

Food industry has grown aggressively in past few years. Food market has expanded a lot. Restaurateurs are bringing technology into food which helps them to market their product. People are becoming more aware and started enjoying eating out shows that food industry is going to nail the market till 2020. Food, Shelter and Clothes are the basic necessities in one’s life and if you’re doing things right in the same then you can never go wrong.

How do you maintain supply chains?

In case of supply chains, there are things which we can get from surroundings but then also there are things which need to get import. We have particular suppliers whom we inspect first. We look for the place where the product is coming from and if it’s from local then from which farm is it coming from. We do every possible quality check i.e., the speciality of that farm, the process which they follow and the production. We see the samples and once we are fine with the product then only we sign the contract with the supplier.

Can we see you opening a restaurant of your own?

I may open a restaurant. I’m in a dilemma whether I should open a restaurant or a catering school. I know there are plenty of catering schools all over the world but the reason I want to open a catering school is I feel extremely bad when I see youngsters in my kitchen who don’t even know basic things about cooking. 

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