"Food should Tempt and Appeal Guests"

Food has always been Chef Sarabjit’s heart after he did his culinary studies. His passion to explore different cultures and flavors gave a stamp for this profession. And his journey working with great chefs across the globe transformed his career to be successful in this profession. “I would say that my biggest and my constant source of inspiration have always been my chefs,” he smiles. Read, what he has to say on his culinary tales…

You are an expert in Mediterranean in European food. Why there is sudden demand of Mediterranean cuisine in India?

I have been trained in Mediterranean cuisine in Lebanon under the supervision of Lebanese Chefs and it has always been my forte. There has been rise in the popularity of Middle Eastern Cuisine because of the superficial health benefits of a diet rich in olive oil, wheat sand other Grains, fruits and vegetables. Now a days restaurants have been serving Mediterranean food in a fast casual style and we find Middle Eastern platters in most of their menus.

What are some of the kitchen essentials that you never forget when cooking?

While cooking in the kitchen it’s important to have good food presentation and good cooking techniques, plated dishes with the use of fresh local ingredients which should have balance and eye for appeal. I’m a firm believer of art and I really think that making food is an art so for me that one essential that I always keep in mind is the way the food is presented, as it tempts one’s eyes to taste it.

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We see that there is a sudden rise of health freaks in India. How do you cater to their need?

As I said before, I see cooking as an art. I’m very precise and calculative about what all goes in whatever I make. I have especially curated dishes that are very healthy. I researched a bit and came out with dishes which were healthy and tasted good at the same time.

It is believed that cooking is all about being artistic. How do you make your food presentable?

Food presentation that tempts our eyes is essential to be considered when making and presenting any dish. For any successful dish the first visual look of it enhances its appeal and tempts the guest to taste. It is good to have variety of textures on the plate and how these textures are combined is equally important.

How do you see Indian food industry growing with time?

With the changing lifestyle and eating habits, I have witnessed one thing that the customers are evolving. They have been exploring on food and their preferences and tastes have changed. Lately, people have also become health conscious and demand for fresh and quality products have increased. With the increase in disposable incomes and also the increase in the growth of food and beverage segments and less time to cook food at home, the Indian food industry has seen a remarkable growth and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

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Going forward, what trend do you see in India?

With online delivery now a day’s lot of home chefs has come in lime light and with technology local deliveries have become popular. Also there has been a constant demand for healthy food items as consumers have become health conscious and want to avoid fat and carbohydrates and are leaning more towards diets like keto and gluten free.

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