Foodcraft to take Asian Haus, Sushi Haus to other cities
Foodcraft to take Asian Haus, Sushi Haus to other cities

What was the idea behind launching both delivery outfits?

We realized there are a large demand for delivery and the scarcity for good comfort Asian Food. Our focus is on emphasizing the experience of food delivery and extending it towards a complete brand.

Why Asian Cuisine? You could have opened an Italian delivering unit aswell.

Asian food has a large popularity and is well understood by us. Since, there haven’t been any places that cater in the same capacity as us, it was our calling.With Italian food, it’s unexplored territory!

As you are focusing on delivery. How do you see this trend catching up the space?

It’s gone crazy over the last four years. When we started out, there were numerous brands launching delivery units, of which none were dedicated to Pan Asian cuisine. We were the first. The trend is catching up fast as lot more focus is been given on packaging and presentation. The delivery of food involves packaging and providing a variety of culinary options to customers primarily in their homes, workplaces, or at their desired locations. We invested far more on marketing to ensure our product an identity from our kitchen to your table.

In terms of orders what is your numbers from both delivery?

As a group we take about 250 orders a day from both Asian Haus and Sushi Haus.

We see that you have kept your menu simple focusing on contemporary Pan Asian Cuisine. How have you selected the right menu and offering?

We realized that within Asian cuisine, Chinese & Thai were most popular. Keeping this in mind, we slowly introduced dishes from other less explored cuisines to develop the Indian palette.

What are different challenges involved running a Asian and Japanese delivery Unit?

Ingredients are key to preparing an authentic Japanese experience. And as this is the delivery process. Traffic can be a key deterrent to the business. Lots of things can occur during this timeframe - uncertain traffics, accidents, so delivery is definitely challenging.Another challenge is generating visibility and recognition. Since, we are exclusive to being a delivery company most people order from us based on the reference of someone. So it’s a slow process as it takes a little longer for the brand to get known.

How about sourcing the raw materials?

A lot of the raw materials required are available in Delhi. Supply does end at times and we can’t do much about till new stock arrives. We deal with vendors who import these raw material from Thailand and Japan majorly. Sourcing is a lot easier in Delhi as it’s the capital.

Talk to us about your new concept ‘Chef @Home’.

Chef@Home is a convenient and fun concept. Usually people that have small gatherings of 20-30 people find it difficult to get a professional caterer and if they do it’s usually at a hefty price. In our Chef@Home concept, the chef would come to your home with all necessary ingredients, cook in your own kitchen and serves on the dining table. The impression and experience is not only affordable but tends to be quite premium.

As it almost takes an hour of delivery. What are you doing to keep the food delivered fresh to the customers?

At Asian Haus and Sushi Haus, we prep well in advance, and we cook when we get the order. The food is prepared fresh right there and then to ensure its piping hot during the packaging process. Our packaging system is quite extensive for home delivery - we seal the food in air tight food grade containers, then into corrugated boxes, then into small heat insulated bags and final into a large insulated bag .

Going forward...what is your expansion plan?

By early next year Asian Haus and Sushi Haus will be expanding to other major cities. We will also be opening two new brands focused on North and South Indian cuisine. Eventually, we will incorporate all of these cuisines within the catering arm of the group. 

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