From Rustic to Modern: How This Hyderabad Restaurateur has Changed the Face of Dining in the City
From Rustic to Modern: How This Hyderabad Restaurateur has Changed the Face of Dining in the City

Known as the city of ‘Nawabs’, the dining scene in Hyderabad has changed from ethic, traditional dining to new age restaurant and bar concepts. Restaurant India and Franchise India hosted the 2nd Edition of Hyderabad conference and awards on 5th December at ITC Kohenur that saw huge participation from the F&B fraternity. The event was attended by the who’s who of the sector including Amar Ohri, MD, Ohri’s, Siddharth Arora, COO, Paradise Biryani, Teja Chekuri, Managing Partner, IronHill India to name a few. 

Restaurant India spoke to Amar Ohri and talked about his business, trends and future plans: Excerpts from the session: 

Growth is a continuous process:

Born into a humble family from Orissa, the 46-year-old Amar Ohri joined his family business in 1988 after completing his education, (BBA from Ecole Lemania in Lausanne, followed by a MBA at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA). “It been more than two decades when I joined my father Mr. Ravi Ohri in the business and most of the brands that we operate today is 25 years, 30 years older,” shared Amar proudly on counting on his legacy and loyalty to the city of Nawabs. 
According to him, if the company is not growing, there's something wrong and for brands and businesses like him learning is the new growth every day.

“Creating a boutique restaurant will have challenge, cost, trends, competition and growth will counter those,” he added by pointing that if your company is growing you really don’t need to go out an experiment. 

When should you innovate?

It’s not always necessary for a restaurant brand to innovate and tweak. If you have got your market, customers’ right, there’s no point fixing it because everyone else is doing or incorporating these new changes and trends. 

“If your business/restaurant isn’t broken don't fix it because if you are running a legacy brand, you need to get the statistics right because the people and the customer never gets bored of trying a legacy restaurant,” he pointed by mentioning that as long as everything look fresh the restaurant doesn't need to change.

Trends in Hyderabad

Known for creating and giving many firsts to the foodie city, he believed that larger spaces that create an experience, fill in great products, energy flows around and has created great way to create a larger than life destinations is the new trend in the market. Today, experience is on top of everything and people are attracted to good food, little drama and experience.
Also, people these days know how to build brand and not just the biz and they are focusing a lot on packaging, customer experience.

Flying High

There is no denying that his father has undoubtedly set up the structures, but Amar has really given his best and put the processes in place for running those structures as F&B establishments. “We are not in a rush. We plan to open 100 outlets in Hyderabad, we are operating 39, next year 50 and may be in few years we can touch the 100 count,” he added by pointing that Hyderabad has given the platform to him and there’s no rush to venture out of the city any soon.

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