Future-Proofing Hospitality: Technology Trends in Hospitality Transportation
Future-Proofing Hospitality: Technology Trends in Hospitality Transportation

As consumer preferences in the realm of pleasure and entertainment continue to evolve, the hospitality industry is experiencing a significant transformation driven by the desire for superior customer experiences and convenience. Redefining the very essence of luxury, the hospitality sector is enthusiastically embracing novel trends and innovations in an effort to enhance the ultimate consumer journey. 

The Indian hospitality industry is expected to be worth $23.50 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.73% to reach $29.61 billion by 2028, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence. 

Amongst the multitude of trends and innovations propelling the hospitality industry's growth, one prominent innovation taking center stage is smart elevators and escalators, elevating the ultimate guest experience. Evolving beyond being mere conveyances, these vertical transportation solutions have become vital in shaping guest experiences and improving operational efficiency. Innovations such as contactless elevator buttons and destination control systems not only provide comfort and convenience to guests but also create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within hospitality spaces.

Unveiling technology trends in hospitality transportation

Automated destination control systems: Facilitating the movement of guests within an establishment, vertical transportation plays an indispensable role. Making guest mobility more convenient and allowing access to numerous facilities existing in an establishment, the emergence of automated destination control systems has revolutionized access to hospitality spaces. By optimizing passenger flow and classifying passengers according to their destination floor, these systems minimize stops and cut down on waiting times, making for quicker and more effective travel.

Interactive panels: The time when elevators involved a single button for visitors to traverse their ways is long behind. Technological advancements have ushered in interactive panels with touch screens and displays, allowing guests to easily locate their desired destinations. From displaying information on elevator speed, location, and capacity, to presenting safety features such as emergency call buttons and fire alarms and and even entertainment options, like music or video players, interactive panels enhance the commuting experience of visitors.

Contactless buttons: With health and hygiene becoming a priority for modern-day consumers, especially due to the deadly pandemic, the need for safer vertical travel has arisen. Consequently, this has led to the emergence of AI-facilitated contactless elevator buttons that offer a hygienic means of transportation by enabling users to call out a lift without making physical touch, thereby reducing the possibility of transferring bacteria, germs, and illnesses. This technology ensures effortless travel, particularly for visitors with disabilities, making hospitality spaces more inclusive.

Modern structure and design: In response to the growing trend of conscious consumerism, individuals are largely gravitating towards sustainable options. Consequently, this has led to the emergence of green elevators, featuring environmentally conscious materials and regenerative drives, encouraging green vertical transportation. In addition to structure, the design of elevators and escalators has also undergone a substantial evolution. Going beyond the traditional escalators, glass lifts incorporating technology-enabled features such as fingerprint scanners, biometric security tools, and personalized lighting schemes enhance the travel journey of visitors. As a result, this provides hospitality facilities with the opportunity to ace their aesthetic game, in addition to ensuring a sophisticated and stylish appearance, contributing to a more delightful experience.

Advanced vertical transportation solutions: Enhancing guest experiences

Luxurious experiences have become a necessity for modern-day individuals. As a result, hospitality spaces are going above and beyond by adopting technologies and innovations to guarantee outstanding experiences for contemporary consumers. Amidst other innovations, the integration of smart elevators and escalators equipped with technology-enabled features has enabled hospitality businesses to create more welcoming, efficient, and extraordinary experiences for their visitors, establishing new industry standards.

Playing an imperative role in ensuring a remarkable experience, vertical transportation outfitted with destination control systems, contactless elevator buttons, and interactive panels has enabled businesses operating in the hospitality sector to target greater operational efficiency while facilitating improved consumer experience. Moreover, as technology continues to advance, the future looks bright with the arrival of cutting-edge innovations that will further enhance the functionality and safety of vertical transportation systems, providing the hospitality sector with exciting opportunities to reshape customer service and convenience.

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