Global brands shine for the opportunity they share with women workers
Global brands shine for the opportunity they share with women workers

Today, with development and ease of working atmosphere, women are no more behind their male counterparts. And earning the same respect, they are gaining a good position in the industry and restaurant industry has come up with lots of initiatives to implement leadership development programmes for their women employees.

Global restaurant giants like Burger King, McDonald’s, Domino’s and Yum! Brands are offering a wide opportunity for women at work. From launching a complete women-operated outlet to bringing out the best Unisex working culture and the best possible CSR options at the restaurant to make their women employees feel their value at the workplace., these chains are going beyond in proving the value of women at work.

Yum! India has recently launched a leadership development programme called ‘Diamond in the Making’ to bring leadership quality in women which has about 27 women participating in the first class of the development programme.

“Diamond in the Making programme will enable building a strong pipeline of women leaders at Yum! India. I am personally looking forward to see each participant emerge as a well-rounded leader. In my recent interaction with the participants, I loved their positive energy, passion and commitment,” said Niren Chaudhary, the then President, Yum! India.

Meanwhile, the global burger chain which entered the Indian market last November with a big bang has launched the ‘Queen at Work’ initiative at their restaurants in India, wherein they are planning to organise workshops for women on superiority and self confidence to build the leadership quality in young ladies, making sure that they are secure while coming to work and going home from work. And these women have career movement upwards and not just hired as a crew member and into shifts, but also to the positions of area managers or district managers.

“It’s a passion of mine, we just don’t want to recognise women, we want to go beyond it. Women add substantial value to our workplace and it has a huge benefit to us.  At all our outlets, both men and women are equal contributors and I believe a balance of both male and female is important because it is about providing education to both, providing them tolerance for each other and respect for each other,” believes, Rajeev Varman, CEO, Burger King India.

Thus, we can say that the industry is really working towards a set goal to deliver the best by providing best opportunities to the women at work, developing women talents and helping them realise their fullest leadership potential.

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