Going global is the new mantra
Going global is the new mantra

Today people are well travelled and open to experiment when it comes to eating out. Indians, have developed an appetite for a wide variety of foods and have become smarter when it comes to playing with flavours and trends.

Researches about the industry shows that, even at times of financial distress people will not stop eating and the industry will continue to grow. But due to all these changes, there is certain shift in the eating habits of the people in India. Fast food giants and there bombarding deals and offers have given them a way forward into the Indian hearts. Pizza, burger, coffee and sandwiches are the new mania among the young bloods.

Changing trend

Cuisine in India has taken several forms in different eras and ages, for the last two decades we have seen a sea change in the food industry in the country. In last 10-12 years, restaurant operation has become a very difficult business in India, some time there is shortage of raw material, sometime it is the customer. People in India like to experiment but they do not like authentic cuisine like Mexican coming to India in its original form rather they want to add some more chatpata making it either a Gujrati Mexican Food or a Punjabi Mexican Food suiting to their regional palate.  Shiv Sagar Veg Restaurant, which is serving authentic vegetarian foods since decades, has introduced a wide variety of global vegetarian cuisine in its menu witnessing the local taste.

“Indian F&B industry is growing exceptionally good in terms of cuisine, ambience, people’s choice and above all the hygiene and food regulations. We serve everything from Mexican, American, Italian, Japanese and Chinese”, says, Shridhar Poojary, Owner, Shiv Sagar Veg Restaurant.

At the same time, Indian cuisines have been heavily exported to western countries including UK which is a host of nearly 9800 Indian restaurants and is heavily loaded by Indian chefs who are serving a world class food there.

The Cherry Tree, which is known for serving one of the best pickles, jams and chutneys all over UK says, “We get the recipes of our best chutneys from the Indian chefs working in hotels in London.”

Speaking at Indian Restaurant Congress 2014, Chef Hemant Oberoi, Grand MasterChef- Luxury Division, Taj Mahal Palace, shares, “I was surprised to see the chicken tikka makhani into molecular cuisine and nice to see how the industry is evolving today.”

Experts believe that the strong revival of comfort food which dates back to the grass root menus is also staging a comeback. People travelling far flung places would naturally prefer their roots in eating option. Meaning to say, more and more people are ultimately going back to comfort food. Authenticity is the call.

Thus, we can say that globalisation is the new wave in the food industry over the world. Not only Indians but globally people are moving beyond geographical connect and are experimenting with the flavours.

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