Healthy eating is not a luxury but a necessity- Sagar Kumar
Healthy eating is not a luxury but a necessity- Sagar Kumar

Why do people choose Nutritious Nation over other players in the same category?

We take a lot of pride in specialising in high protein offerings in both food and beverages across the board for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, which has always been a highly neglected macronutrient in the Indian context. We also happen to be the first Indian brand to introduce a nutritional calorie chart breakdown for every item on the menu. At Nutritious Nation, we love to do Healthy...Healthier and have banned all unhealthy ingredients from our kitchens completely. We do not even have any fryers in our kitchen. Everything is grilled, steamed or baked. So one thing that you won’t find on our menu ever is...umpteen calories!

What is so unique about your take-away model?

We strongly believe that healthy eating is not a luxury but a necessity these days and people are moving to healthier eating options almost every day. Nutritious Nation has been the pioneer brand in Delhi-NCR to venture into the health food space 2.5 years ago in Nov 2012 helping change the way people eat on the go. What makes us unique is our product proposition – it’s a one-stop shop for gourmet health food and drink at VFM price points available in both a take away on-the-go format as well as a delivery model where the guests get to indulge guilt-free right at the convenience of their doorstep. Our menu is inspired from leading international health food brands, but at the same time, is customised to cater to the Indian palate. 

Who do you see as your major competitor in your segment?

The likes of Subway, Quiznos, Pita Pit have been around for a while but the customers are fairly well informed these days and want to look beyond players that offer Pseudo Health food on their menu. Pre-cooked, pre-packaged food layered with tons of additives and preservatives makes food lose its nutritional value and hence we started with the first-of-its kind live kitchen in a take-away outlet setup so that people see how their food is being cooked with the freshest ingredients in front of their own eyes.

What are the challenges you face during online order and delivery services?

Managing logistics during peak hours when orders are coming in back to back puts tremendous load on the delivery team because everybody expects their food to be at their doorstep in 45-60 mintues. Tying up with hyper local logistic companies like Quikli & Road Runnr has significantly smoothened out the process and improved the experience for our patrons.

What is your target revenue for this fiscal?

With the Gurgaon Delivery Outlet now up and running in addition to the flagship store in GK2 M Block market, we are targeting a turnover of INR 1.5 Cr.

How do you propose to expand your business?

The team is now actively looking at expanding locations to capture a larger market share and establish leadership position in the health food space across the country. Another 4-5 company operated stores are in the pipeline in the next 12-15 months.

Are you planning to sign any franchisee deal or any plans for fund raising?

All we can say at this moment is that it’s an exciting phase for the brand with discussions happening at different levels with multiple stakeholders.

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