"How About Taking Away Food With Happiness"

What is the story behind Noodle ‘n You?

We are foodie by hearts and in love with Chinese cuisine; we cook Chinese more than Bengali food at our home. We wanted to serve people Chinese cuisine with affordable price. Keeping both quality and quantity good and to serve it in pocket friendly manner is our motive. We thought of serving people whole heartedly so that they could take away happiness with food from our place.

Is there any theme or concept which your restaurant follows?

It is a take away restaurant with cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You order online, come and take away your food with happiness.

Are you planning to expand?

Initially we thought of starting a small venture but now we are adding up a new outlet from next month only. And six months from now we are planning to expand to casual dining and then we’ll look forward for fine-dining. Take away restaurant is like a baby step, we have more to go.

Tell us something about Noodle ‘n You’s journey?

The whole idea was to start up a food venture. But if you ask me why Noodle ‘n You then I would be answering that we do not want people recognise us as a normal Chinese cuisine restaurant, it’s more than that. We wanted to do some innovation with the noodle; we have provided varieties with noodle matching the quantity. So there has to be some unique difference between normal Chinese cuisine and the main quotient.

How do you see your menu?

Our menu resembles our restaurant’s name. We have varieties of noodle like rice noodle, glass noodle, flak noodle, Vietnamese noodle soup; we have other foods also but we mainly experiment with noodle. Our Chef is also very innovative; we keep a Chef special dish daily at our restaurant. Also our Chefs are ready to cook according to the customer’s preference. Noodle is the thing which makes everyone happy but as a restaurant we can’t just keep noodle that is why we have other Chinese delicacies as well. We keep on improvising and adding more to our menu.

How do you see changing market segment affects the food sector? Do you see them as competitors?

New trends bring more scopes to Food & Beverages Industry. We can see many trends being followed and people are introducing fresh segments each day. The feeling of competition totally depends upon the perspective. We have introduced innovation with noodle, someone is bringing breakfast segment, and another one is working on beverage fusion. F&B is a huge market and everyone who could please consumer in a best possible way is most welcome.

How do you sell your product?

For now, we are banking on social media like facebook and zomato. We’re even getting good responses over there. It’s such a motivation that we got good ratings at zomato and other social media handles within a short span. It’s a hearty meal with affordable price and as far as quantity is concerned; we serve quality food with good quantity more than expected. We keep getting good feedbacks on the quantity of food that we’re serving at Noodle ‘n You. If they buy an a la carte item then they get a serving of two and a half people. When the quantity is good, quality is good then it is take away happiness. We just want to spread happiness in a form of food.

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