How brands are focusing on taste without compromising on healthiness
How brands are focusing on taste without compromising on healthiness

Researches claim that the US food market will be completely taken over by healthy gluten free products in the coming years. According to the report, today the consumers seek fresh, natural and minimally processed food with beneficial ingredients that help fight diseases and promote good food. It also avouches that the consumers want healthy food and are ready to pay more for them.

Which brings us to the main question- Where does India stand on this ground?

While it is believed that the west has always relied on healthy and minimum dietary food items, India and most of Asia are still struggling with extra sugar and fat based products. The latest figures released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reveals that India homes the largest number of people suffering from Diabetes- 50.8 million, followed by China (43.2 million) and the United States (26.8 million). Another study claims that Singapore is the world’s healthiest country followed by Italy and Australia; India lags at the 103rdposition. Although many in the urban sector of the country have moved towards much healthier food options and lifestyle, we are yet to find a steady ground.

India is also home to one of the largest markets for ready-to-eat and packaged food items. While there is an array of choices over processed and convenient food, the health part of it still remains a topic of debate. With multiple prodigious brands falling into controversies regarding high toxic elements being found in the products, the reliance on preservatives and other food additives tosses a big question. However things are changing, slow but steady. And, with brands offering a variety of quality gourmet food without compromising on the health aspect, there seems a positive way. While majority of the food brands use food additives like preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents, emulsifiers etc., the gourmet brands claims to go all natural. The products are made using naturally grown food products and offer great taste without compromising on the health.

Tasty is healthy

Today many of the brands believe in not compromising on the taste of their products at the cost of delivering healthy products. All their products promise a great taste along with its nutritional values. These products also offer nutritious range of products and are prepared from authentic homemade recipes.

Over the years, healthy food has been taken over by excessively processed food items which not only give the physical well being a toss but also compromise on mental health. With newer and efficient brands coming into the market, the graphs seem to be changing slowly. It wouldn't be correct to call it a huge revolution but definitely a step in the right direction. Multiple brands offering naturally grown food items sans chemicals and preservatives inspire and aspire for a healthy tomorrow. However, a healthy body doesn't only depend on food items but also some physical exercise and exertion. 

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