How can restaurants scale high on social media promotions
How can restaurants scale high on social media promotions

As social media is becoming an important part of an average lifestyle. People are more open to sharing things online and on networking sites, rather communicating it directly to the owners. Social media is described as a non-paid tool by experts to promote and brand their ventures. Many restaurants use it as an active measure to promote their new launches, offerings. But, how often one is sure about what to share on social sites that it brings the best business.

Be active on Facebook: You may have a Facebook page but it is not active for so long which can make your customer distract from what’s new at your end. Make it lively so that they regularly check and share your post. Let the enthusiasm begin!

Commenting on the same,” Ashish Massey who owns three restaurants in Delhi-NCR shared, “In today’s time the most essential part of branding is social media which caters to masses from kids to adults as everyone is updated with social media mediums like FB, twitter, instagram.”

Connect with your customers’: Post contents and stories that you customers can relate to. Connect with different community, organise engaging activities, games and offers via your Facebook and Twitter pages to let customers come back to you. “I think social media is a great platform for branding especially with food industry,” pointed Amin Abbagani of Bengaluru based 5 Spice & Wok.

Update your new offerings on Instagram and Twitter: Instagram and Twitter is catching more attention than people have thought of. Twitter is a great medium to let the world know about your latest innovations. Similarly, Instagram being more visual and creative posting videos and photos about a new menu, its preparation, current offers, promotions and chef specials can tempt them to try at your restaurant. “It is very easy to put our brand and promote the various services and dishes that we want to offer. It also helps us receive feedback from customers,” added Abbagani.

Encourage Check-ins: Ensure that your restaurant is vaialble in search palces on Facebook where someone check-ins for a Place. This also gets an idea to their friends and circles where they are hanging out and this may benefit you in terms of getting the new customers. “Nowadays the maximum promotion for any sector would be through social media. Yes, we are updated with the social media branding and considers it as the most essential part of any business as nowadays print comes later but things get viral on Social media platforms first,” added Massey.

Always look for feedback: Feedback and reviews are important part of the restaurant business. This will help you enhance and improve. Also, a positive feedback and review will lure more customers. Also, make sure to interact with and respond to feedback, even negative feedback. This can go miles in building trust and loyalty.

And, since social media is a very tricky business to play on. You can’t imagine the benefits and profitability it can create for your brand. It surely can be used as an important marketing tool. 

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