How can restaurants work on delivering better experience
How can restaurants work on delivering better experience

For long restaurant industry is running on certain basics. It all comes down to great food, wine and a warm service. And, until you have all the ingredients in the right proportions your restaurant is not going to taste the flavour of success.

Eating for a better experience

Everyone prefers to go to a restaurant of their own choice for better, warm experience. And, service being the core hospitality of the restaurant matters a lot. Even though when people walk into the restaurant with a couple of friends, the reception and warmth they get is what lasts forever. While the service treats us like royalty, the fantastic assortment of food that tingles every sense feels like a meal fit for a king.

“Restaurants can be quite complicated (and fascinating) because they involve almost every aspect of business: product, marketing, real estate, people, supply chain, IT, production and so on. Of this getting good real estate is probably the most challenging, especially in the India market where there's been a big upswing in new brands and formats,” shared jasper Reid, Director, Jamie’s India.

Right service at the right location

Depending on where you choose to eat, the service will be slightly different. If you go to a sushi bar you will receive a different experience than an Italian restaurant. If you choose to eat Chinese, this again is a different experience than a gourmet restaurant. The one constant factor in all of these different eating experiences is the service. How fast was your order taken? How fast did your food arrive? Was the waiter or waitress polite? Did you get everything you wanted? How much tip do they deserve?

According to experts, focusing more on how restaurateurs or chef can make customer’s life more comfortable by giving them an experience or adding that ‘Wow’ factor will add more spice and returns to the business of restaurants.

“Guest experience is at the core of everything that we do and we have taken various strides in redefining the same, be it for dine-in guests or delivery. Innovation has also been our strength that has helped us to be at the forefront of newer introductions in the Indian QSR industry,” pointed Dev Amritesh, President and CBO, Domino’s India.

Customer service is the key factor for getting a comeback customer at your door and restaurant industry being one of the accelerators for growth is one such sector where service is of utmost important. A restaurant with good customer service will be ranked higher than any other restaurants.

From Kitchen to the table

Every customer expects his diner should be served with smile. But most of the restaurant fails to understand this basic and the major expectation from the customer. When this is fulfilled the restaurant is valued more. A best restaurant realises that the customer service should start right from the kitchen and enough care should be taken to check the quality of raw materials used because the customer needs to be satisfied with the quantity and the taste too.

Commenting on the same, Chef Ashivini of Four Points by Sheraton said, “I believe in keeping the menu simple and also make sure that the food is balanced, healthy, and delicious.”

And, hence we can say no matter how well a restaurant is performing, if you are not keeping your guest happy, you’re not going to retain in the fast competitive industry.

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