How Chef Kelvin Cheung is attracting customer's at his new restaurant
How Chef Kelvin Cheung is attracting customer's at his new restaurant

Chef Kelvin Cheung is Chinese Canadian chef who was associated with Mumbai’s top restaurant Ellipsis before moving back to Toronto and Chicago. Chef Kelvin is back in the country as a chef consultant at newly opened sea food restaurant ‘Bastian’ by Aallia Hospitality. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your journey in the world of food?

My grandfather and used to own restaurants so I kind of grown in restaurants. I started working from a very young age.

What is your role at Bastian?

Bastian is sea food restaurant. I am a chef consultant here and pretty much involved in everything from curating menu to finalising the kitchen task and serving the right cuisine at the table.

How have you seen Indian market growing in all these years?

Indian market has evolved for an average Indian enjoying eating out and all thanks to media which is promoting food trends. Global food trends are quickly coming to India, chefs and restaurants are promoting global trends.

What are the things you look into when it comes to quality?

We are catering to high quality people and we are not doing anything on line of overseas. Quality is all about training the chefs and making them understand the use of right ingredient.

What is your favourite ingredient to play with?

I like fermenting my ingredients. Meanwhile, I also enjoy playing with beef and coming up with good menu.

Which is your favourite cuisine?

South Indian food is my favourite food.

How do you feel coming back to India?

I have been lucky; I am humble with the love that I have been given by the customers in India and I am happy to back with my stint at Bastian.

You have so much experience playing around food. Can we see you opening a restaurant of your own?

I will open a restaurant of my own but, not now. However, opening restaurant in India is not a plan.

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