How Connected Are You With Your Customer Emotionally
How Connected Are You With Your Customer Emotionally

Every time a restaurant connects with a customer in an emotional manner, things turn in the restaurant’s favor, which results in gaining customers and increasing sales. Keeping the emotional element with a customer alive can eventually help your business reach another level providing you with great success and new opportunities.

Restaurateurs are focusing and experimenting in several ways in order to maintain and sustain their brand value. But things are always very clear when it’s about meeting the customer’s expectation. Loyalty is one important aspect for keeping your customer happy and satisfied which ultimately results in the sales and growth of your venture. “Customer loyalty is one important thing for keeping your brand alive in this fast changing industry. People these days are having enneth number of options for meeting their need. Once they feel that they are not getting what they expect from a particular brand, their loyalty ultimately shifts to some other brand with the same expectation,” says Gaurav Wadhwa, Owner, Theos.

With the advancement in technologies, restaurants are now initiating various kinds of loyalty programs to see whether or not their customers are loyal to them. According to a survey, 52 per cent of restaurants have started with such programs where they are calculating precisely about their growth in terms of loyalty. People having tough schedule want satisfaction whenever they are ordering food or dining out. There is a mutual expectation between the customer and the restaurateur regarding loyalty and transparency. Apart from the food, many people prefer to visit a particular venture because of their word of mouth marketing and environment.

Restaurants have initiated many ideas and programs maintaining and measuring their customer loyalty and are also trying to be transparent to customers in every possible manner. Introduction of reward point system has certainly made an effect in maintaining the loyalty and restaurants have started providing reward points for various activities of the customers like from the duration of dining to the amount of bill they pay. Keeping all this in mind, restaurants are providing incentives to the customers which are bringing the same customer come back to their restaurant. Preparing a strategy for maintaining loyalty among customers is way more important than just thinking on how to build one. Generally such programs are offered to make sure that the number of customers walking in the restaurant increases along with promoting the newly added items and offers on the menu of the restaurant.

With the advancement in technology, people have also become tech-friendly and modern. In the age of social media, restaurateurs are taking full advantage of this feature by using social media to stay connected with people. They are using this media probably for sharing regular updates from special offers to introduction of new dish on the menu followed by artistic photographs. Therebyattempting to make people understand that they still care about them even when they are not dining at that particular time.

Restaurants have also started to accept mobile payment options like Paytm and Mobikwik making the transaction easy for the customers. These options are surely making the customers comfortable at the outlet which will certainly result in balancing the loyalty for them. Options like cash back and discount are offered to the customers for establishing customer loyalty. “Wallet payment is something that has emerged in the last one year or so and we are also witnessing customers who like to pay via Paytm or other applications at our restaurant. We are also thinking of giving people free points at the end of every purchase they make so that it makes them step at our door over and over again,” explains Chetan, owner, Karma Kismet.

Loyalty is one important key for maintaining and improving a brand value. Programs like these will surely gain them the loyalty and market they are expecting from the market.

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