How Customer Base Is a Necessity for Your Brand's Success
How Customer Base Is a Necessity for Your Brand's Success

Restaurants are coming up with many ideas and innovations to attract the customer’s attention. Everyone in the sector is today e familiar with the loyalty programs, discounts and direct advertising which helps a restaurant to build a good customer base for the brand. 

Restaurateurs have accepted the fact that food is no more the only thing which can help them to sustain in the rapidly growing food industry. “We are serving experience along with a delicious menu for our customers. We have introduced a new concept where transgender are given a platform to work as members catering to people who visits us,” says Nimesh Shetty, Co-owner of Third Eye Café.

And, as the whole race today is all about indulgence and involvement, customers now want to feel involved with the restaurants along with the dining. Many restaurants are coming up with various ways keeping the changing customer expectations in mind. Here are three ways which can help a restaurant to gain the desired customer base for a new market:

Branding your recipes: Recipes are generally considered as the pride of a restaurant. One should consider branding their recipes outside the restaurant so that it can reach out to new and a wider customer base in the market.  By releasing a special recipe every month on social and physical platforms or by creating a blog page for the restaurant, one can brand their recipes. With advancing technology, this can certainly help the brand grab people’s attention towards their restaurant. Today, maintaining a social page for your restaurant on various social networking sites have been in practice. Updating people with new items in the menu with the story behind the ideation of recipes can certainly work in restaurant’s favor. “We see social media as the best platform for marketing and stating our brand awareness. Marketing activities directly impact the sales. So, we remain very cautious while selecting the offers, combos etc,” shares Chetan Kaushal, Co-owner of Karma Kismet.  

Offering E-Gifts: E- Gift coupons can be adopted by both big and local restaurants to lure new customers’ and to deepen the relation with loyal and comeback customers’. Offering flat amounts and cash back while placing an order online can certainly excite the customers. The best thing about this concept is that the brand is reaching out to the market beyond an area. Many a time’s people place order being in a different city for their family and friends which comes in the restaurant’s diameter. Even they can get amazed by the various offers restaurant provide them despite belonging to a different city.

Location-based apps and birthday emails: Location-based apps (LBA) are one of the best ways to connect with people in a quick interval of time. Being cheap and effective, LBA’s are a must thing to invest in order to expand the restaurant business. They help restaurants in getting the name to the front. They provide a big opportunity for the interaction between local audiences and the restaurants. Many big chains send birthday notifications every year inviting the customer to come to their venue and celebrate the special day with friends and family. It is certainly a nice way to show customers that you care.

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