How disposal cutlery makes a comeback after Covid-19 times
How disposal cutlery makes a comeback after Covid-19 times

Covid-19 is the talk of the hour and currently the biggest issue in front of us. One year in this pandemic has changed nothing but our daily lifestyle. Today from stepping out of the house to eating in a restaurant, nothing remained the same as it was one year back. We all accepted this change as a New Normal.

The fear of Covid-19 made all of us realize how important it is to bring these changes into our daily life activities. This virus can settle easily on any surface. Now everything that comes out in our doorsteps like parcels and delivery is fully sanitized and then used. Early when the pandemic started, health experts were worried that this virus is travelling from one surface to another.

Before the pandemic, Central Government had banned the use of plastic. States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, banned use of plastics. The selling of plastic was strictly banned, because of this many manufacturers fought against it. But after the Covid, the government didn’t pay any attention to this issue and this became an opportunity for the sellers. The plastic companies made an opportunity out of this. Dozens of big and small companies have emerged in this particular period and have produced single-use plastic disposable cutleries. The huge stock of plastic disposables was taken out and sold in the market but this does not last long. After these stocks got over the demand for eco-friendly tableware got rise in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and many more.

The use of steel and glass cutleries in restaurants and food stalls is not at all safe, that’s why the state government emphasizes the use of disposable cutleries and for a single-use only. During the lockdown, people choose to have food in these eco-friendly cutleries. When home maids were on leave and people were working from home the tableware was a huge part of the relief. The demand for these cutleries was high in upper- middle-class families, restaurants’ and many local food vendors. In the coming year, these naturally made cutleries will be in high demand and gradually people will completely switch to eco-friendly and green disposables.

The pandemic has made the awareness in people of switching everything eco-friendly. Cutleries made naturally can be a good option for us. Food packaging industries are relying on cutleries and containers that are made naturally from plant leaves like Palm, Bamboo and Sugarcane. These cutleries are made for single use and have various good properties. Having a concern for the environment, these cutleries are 100% natural and do not contaminate the food. These products are naturally made and are sustainable for our environment. Also during the manufacturing process, these cutleries are heated at -20 to 180 degrees celsius which kills all the germs.

All the restaurants and food companies are using these products as they are attractive in look and very much affordable as compared to normal packaging. Today people are evolving; they are becoming more aware and educated and are making more responsible choices. For increasing awareness on switching to eco-friendly tableware, we have to create a big voice against plastic and adapt the eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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