How Food Presentation and Innovation is Changing the Biz at Restaurant
How Food Presentation and Innovation is Changing the Biz at Restaurant

Food industry has grown aggressively in last few years. Changing market and innovation is constantly driving an opportunity rather a threat amongst entrepreneurs and chef to keep innovating and playing with the flavours. Being new is what restaurant owners are focusing these days as everyone has got lots of ideas to attract customers’ and adhere to it. The market has expanded a lot. Restaurateurs are bringing technology into food which helps them to market their product right to the customers as millennial are more gadget and tech-friendly and are always looking for an extended experience.

“One side, there is good food and other side presentation of that food. Both are necessary to tattoo one’s brand in consumer’s mind. Presentation of good food in a good way is the latest trend in food service industry. Food should amuse consumer and give him/her smile at the same time,” shares Indrajit Saha, Executive Chef at Accor Luxe Group.

Obviously there is a lot of competition that is driving all these innovations in the segment but at the same time it enhances creativity. Restaurant industry is one such industry where people invent ideas daily and meet new challenges on a day to dat basis. “There has been a plethora of new concepts and food joints flooding the Indian market and the customers are really evolving and are willing to experiment. There has been an influx of more and more international food chains. Also, ingredients that used to available only to the food industry are now widely available in super stores and thereby more and more people are getting exposed to a variety of food options,” adds Chef Ashutosh Kumar, Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Also, people’s perceptions about a lot of things have changed as they are travelling more, are much more educated about the food and ingredients they eat and use and obviously the disposable income has gone up pushing customers’ to not just eat food but feel it. Healthy food has seen a sudden demand amongst the food patrons in India. With summer season on its peak people are looking at healthier options to consume. Growing travel and knowledge about food is helping them understand the benefit of healthy, local foods and ingredients. And, this trend in multi dimensional as restaurants, food companies and even chocolate and ice cream manufacturers are coming up with natural recipes and ingredients.

There is a sudden rise in the chef driven restaurants of around 15-20 covers which are getting customers’ attention in a big way. These are personalized restaurants where chefs dictate the menu choices in conjugation with guests and the manning is done by the chef and a partner. “Advent of social dining, trendy multi-functional places, bars with character, multi entertainment menus are some of the market segments that are changing the food and beverage industry and way the business is done. These are also challenging the conventional restaurant spaces,” points Sandeep Pande, Executive Chef, Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa.

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