How Food & Tech Can Work Together
How Food & Tech Can Work Together

Techies made a huge difference in the way of consuming food. People today eat with their eyes before even touching the food as digital consumption has increased tremendously. “Blogging was always my passion. I started taking pictures and people noticed that. Eventually they started relating me to style food. The audience reach was quite huge and that became the way of monetization for me,” says Deeba Rajpal, Food Styler and Recipe Developer & Blogger. Thus, technology and food also helps generate employment.

Partnering with Blog

Brands today relish connecting with blogs as it is a different level of advertising altogether. And, blog help reaching a number of relevant audiences. The manner people consume content now days have changed. “Mobiles are the new books and if you are not following that market segment today then you’re not alive in the market. Even brands want to engage with real and consistent bloggers,” avers Uma Raghuraman, Food Expert & Owner, MasterChefMom.

Whatever one is doing, he/ she must maintain the niche at social media because people are searching for reliable content and they could only reach to the bloggers via digital technology. As it is the platform to connect people but moreover it helps in exploring. “It is amusing that Hashtags and check in facilities have actually built a community,” shares Shuchir Suri, Founder at Food Talk India adding that a social media influencer can exist independently but not as a blogger.

Over the last few years, style has changed and people are also realizing the evolution. “Social media is a mass media which is more personalized. Before all this, there were newspapers and televisions which would be more about broadcasting. On the other hand, social media is building engagement; a two way channel and dialogue,” says Kalyan Karmakar, Food blogger, Columnist and Author of The Travelling Belly pointing that being consistent to the content and giving feedbacks to audience is a must to maintain the hold over digital technology. The effect of social media is far better than any media.

Popularizing via Social Connect

For putting the better hash tag, blogger or writer should brainstorm that what a reader would google often. “One doesn’t need to follow what is trending but should create the relevant hash tag for the content. I have seen people putting five hundred hash tags to their post just to make the post visible everywhere without caring of looking desperate which is really bad,” adds Shuchir. According to Deeba, blogger should enjoy writing instead of joining the league of numbers. The passion for blog is the key to reach audience apart from anything else. Hash tags are the tools which should be used as the supplement rather than they drive the originality.

Whenever a brand connects with the blog, they should never ask a blogger to be rigid about something. “People actually look up to real people sometimes more than a celebrity because they can easily relate themselves with the common person,” adds Uma.

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