How Important is Ingredient in your Food Menu
How Important is Ingredient in your Food Menu

With changing lifestyle and people willing to try out new cuisine and ingredients, we have seen that chefs are also evolving and bringing in new ways to attract customers at their restaurants. Meanwhile, customers are exploring on food and their preferences and tastes have changed. Lately, people have also become health conscious and demand for fresh and quality products have increased. With increase in disposable incomes and also the increase in the growth of food and beverages segment and less time to cook food at home the Indian food industry has seen a remarkable growth and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Presentation is the Key

It is no more restricted to healthy eating but people are looking at clean food, vegetarian food and vegan eating. At the same time, taste is very subjective for anybody. For me taste is something different and for you it is different. Play with good quality ingredients, vegetables, makes your recipes interesting. And, that’s how you can lure the new age diners.

“There are lots of things attached to the presentation on what you do. I think the first thing is to get the food right. When you get the recipe and the taste right then comes the plating and the presentation of the food,” shares Anurudh Khanna, Executive Chef, Shangri-La Hotels Bengaluru by adding that when food comes to the guest he should feel from the complete senses. “I bring lots of colours on my plate and also play with lots of texture on the plate,” he adds.  

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It’s all About Ingredients

Ingredients, technique and consistency are three key essentials in running a restaurant. “Traditional food, authenticity and honest cooking ( organic farmed products / satvik food) will be the most sought after in near future,” says Vikas Vichare, Executive Chef, W Goa who has always focused on local and exotic ingredients while preparing a dish.

Product innovation is an important part of the restaurant menu creation. You need to be innovative enough to capture what your customer wants.

Commenting on the same Sarabjit Singh, Executive Chef, Radisson Udyog Vihar Gurgaon points, “While cooking in the kitchen it’s important to have good food presentation and good cooking techniques, plated dishes with the use of fresh local ingredients which should have balance and eye for appeal.”

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We can say that making food is really an art and one should always keep in mind the way food is presented as it tempts one’s eyes to taste it.

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