How Italian Food Is Marking Its Presence in India
How Italian Food Is Marking Its Presence in India

In fact many restaurants are adding a different section of Italian food in their menu because of their increased demand.

From being an unfamiliar food segment in our industry, Italian food has gone through many things which finally resulted in marking their presence in the market. Earlier people were just familiar about the native flavors and tastes to which their taste bud was adapted. But with the globalization in the food industry, things have changed eventually for this industry. According to a survey, 47 million Indians have visited an Italian restaurant in 2017 for trying new dishes.

Earlier chefs and recipes were imported from Italy as there was no one who could bring out that very taste in serving the people of our country. It eventually took a lot of time for our people in adapting to this taste and flavor which caused many outlets and restaurants to close down. But now as the trend has changed, Italian food products are one popular segment towards which people are really inclined and Italian has become the 2nd favorite International cuisine in the country.

“We do authentic stuff, we don’t use Indian tomatoes. We source ingredients through our channel partners and there are couple of things that has been imported for us only,” shares Chef Om Nayak of Pasta Bowl Company.

The rise of pasta and pizza in our country can easily demonstrate how much Italian food is now loved. According to a survey, three out of five people are a pizza lover which eventually is a good statistic for this segment. On the other hand pasta has become one of those products which are offered by almost every restaurant because of their familiar nature among the customers.

Italian food has been a global success because of their informal, relaxed style as they come at a very pocket friendly price. In India, items like pastas and pizzas have finally found their customers who are addictive towards this particular item. But the restaurateurs believe that there is a lot more in Italian food that can be offered other than pizza and pasta.

“Pasta is a universal dish now which has grabbed its customer with time,” says Rohan Saraf of Roadhouse cafe. He further adds, “One of the most important things that Italian food has is its ability of versatility. Whether it’s a normal occasion or a romantic date, Italian cuisines find their way easily onto the tables. I personally believe that Italian cuisines are the perfect choice for a romantic date.”

Apart from dine out venture; pizza delivery options have also helped Italian food to conquer the food market in the recent times. Outlets like Dominos, Pizza Hut and Chicago Pizza have certainly influenced customers to try these Italian cuisines trying to revamp their tastes by providing something different.

Hence, we can see that the Italian cuisine is now providing something unique and different to the food market in our country. It is expected that the number will surely increase in the upcoming time.

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