How Location Plays A Key Role In Running Your Food Business
How Location Plays A Key Role In Running Your Food Business

Location usually plays a significant role in creating brand preference and brand equity. Usually restaurateurs focus more on their menu and ambience while coming up with their own venture. But they shouldn’t forget that location should be the most important thing when it’s about entering into the food business. One should put location at the top before thinking of any other factors.

Coming up with a right location for their restaurant is the toughest challenge one face in the current time. With so much of competitions already present in the market, it’s the single most important business decision one has to make. Good food and service is vital but having a bad location can ruin everything for you and your business. “Location plays an important role in how your business is going to run. It defines the brand’s image and also contributes to the environment,” says Anubhav Dubey, Co-owner, Chai Sutta Bar.

Looking at the population:

You should be aware about the local population where your brand is going to get establish. It’s mandatory to make sure that there are enough locals in the area who can support your restaurant. You should not only target those people who are living there, but also those who are crossing by as fast crowds on a regular basis. A site study can help you in determining this.

Availability of parking:

Parking is another prime element while finalizing your restaurant. Your restaurant can still lack in targeting your customers despite having great food followed by superb service if you are not having a proper place for parking. If customers have to walk to your restaurant because of the bad parking, they will most probably look for some other place to dine out.

Analyzing the size:

Availability of the size contributes a lot in running of your restaurant. Customers don’t expect to dine at a place which is small and crowded. You should make sure that you are having proper space for your kitchen followed by the seating area. You should make sure that you are having appropriate area for the tables, bar counter, waiting area etc so that your restaurant doesn’t look clumsy. “Location and food are the two main pillars for any restaurant business. If you keep the business in a rush area with heavy footfall, that is a success in its own way. Location helps your customer to enjoy the food with you while they dine out,” shares Phani Deepak Kakarala, Owner, Shake Studio.  

Know your neighbors:

Just like your home, your neighbors also matters at a restaurant. You should be aware who’s doing business in your neighborhood and on what concept they are running their venture. If there are restaurants which are doing well, then that could be a good sign for your venture to do well. It states that there is market for growth and you can work on it. Successful businesses often attract other successful businesses. You even can have a conversation with the neighbor competition about what kind of traffic they get and how they feel about the area.

Many restaurants fail in the current time is because of the poor location. Having a good street visibility is very essential in order to run your brand successfully. Ultimately, it’s all about location which matters at last.

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