How regional cuisine is pairing with global fusion
How regional cuisine is pairing with global fusion

Just when it looks like the world is conquering Indian food market, we are witnessing the emergence of more local brands, chefs travelling outskirts to find new recipes and brands, adopting the roots to promote the unconquered and unexplored Indian menus. 

Besides, Indian food has multiple varieties; People need to understand that there are more that they need to explore other than North Indian food, which is much hyped at global levels. And, experts believe a little tweaking or a fusion can help regional recipes rock the global platter. And, this is true Chefs Like Gaggan Anand who is rocking Bangkok with his progressive Indian cuisine, Atul Kochhar's modern take on Indian cuisine has curried a huge favour in England: he launched Benares in 2003 in London, followed by Ananda in Ireland and Vatika in Southhampton, Vineet Bhatia is building an Indian ‘Rasoi’ in London, Sanjeev Kapoor is storming Punjabi foods in global diaspora through his shows and restaurants, Hari Nayak is popularising India with his take on modern Indian food and simplified cooking styles and Vikas Khanna has done it all with his ‘Junoon’.

The cross culture mash up

Indian food has come a long way from cross culinary mergers like Wasabi and tuna to fusion of Indian foods with a global twist. Today, restaurants and chefs are infusing desi flavours with a global tadka. And, the culinary blends of culture are more popular these days than those of Japanese, Chinese and Italian emergence. Ranveer Brar, who is looking after culinary at MTV FLYP has some of the great fusions to play with. Some normal dishes with a fusion includes achari salmon nigri which is a blend of salmon cured with achar paste, nigri open sushi, maki nooro wrapped sushi amongst others. Similarly, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai has opened his restaurant which is a take on Armenian cuisine with Bengali influence all credit to Gorai’s roots in Asansol, a place in West Bengal.

Eating is more than just Food... its Entertainment

“Many people are doing molecular gastronomy around food. But, entertainment along with food has picked up pace. People today like to see a lot of Tamasha happening. The gastro pub culture is also on rise,” shared Saransh Goila the young chef who has recently launched Goila Butter Chicken joints in Mumbai, giving butter chicken an all new identity.

It is not only better food, but an everlasting experience is what people are hunting for. And, that is the reason new restaurants with some drama around food and entertainment are rocking Indian food market. To everyone’s amazement, these restaurants are attracting more guest than those who are known for their culinary delights.

“We are blessed to also have brewery. Our 50 percent revenue of total sales is dependent on business we do post 8 our cafes.” shared Vivek Bhargava and Varun Puri of Molecule which is one of the top performing restro-bars in Gurgaon.

We can say that today’s customer are more varied and experienced when it comes to exploring delight. Hence, they are not only choosing good food, but an overall experience which gives them a value for money satisfaction. 

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