How Restaurants are Catering to Health Freaks
How Restaurants are Catering to Health Freaks

Superfood is one of the most talked about trend today, which in no time has become a part of our daily life. A trend becomes a trend only when there is a change in the customer behavior.

Being a health conscious person and working in an environment that is so stressful and having to live in Delhi where we know that what we are breathing is not fresh air but smoke and pollution, it became imperative for me to approach a nutritionist. That is when I met Kavita Devgan and she told me about the magic of consuming superfoods. What pushed me to believe in her is that she did not suggest or advice anything that was a huge change in my existing lifestyle she planned everything around my existing habits.

Being in the food industry and also a food lover, when I discovered superfoods I believed that I could also incorporate something healthy at my restaurant and offer the same to my customers and guests. That is how we came up with the idea of having our own “Superfood” menu. Kavita and Chef Ashish (Corporate Chef, Café Delhi Heights) sat down and first listed down the superfoods that we wanted to incorporate and then worked around the recipes. Throughout we tried to keep all such superfoods that were of Indian origin and easily available.

The entire thought was that generally a cheat meal for most of us would be an outing to our favourite restaurant but today at restaurants everyday can be a cheat day with the superfood menu they are offering. The menu is like a bible with all the information which people can take home with them. It has the importance of each superfood used and also our recipes from the menu.

However, when initially this kind of menu was launched, people in the industry were skeptic on how it would do but customers started picking up the trend and enjoying it. Soon the menu picked up and people started coming to many restaurants only for the superfood menu. Most of my friends have told me that they tried the dishes at home as well with the help of the recipes that we have given out. Café is a place that has always focused oncomfort food since we opened six years back.I think what connected really well with the people is that the superfood menu has some very easy and comforting dishes in which the superfood is not just a side ingredient but is the hero of the dish.

We are known for trying out completely out of the box things and the idea of a superfood menu is one such example. Earlier, when it was launched in May 2017, the menu was suppose to be only a month long feature at our Sangam Courtyard outlet but on popular demand we have now moved it to our Crosspoint Mall outlet.

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