How Restaurants are Counting Big on Calories
How Restaurants are Counting Big on Calories

Regular alterations in Menu have been a common growth factor in the restaurant business over the years. Though people come and innovate their menu, but lately counting on the nutrition and healthiness of food is noticed in the food business. People today are well versed with what they eat and how much calorie count is attached to their diet. They have become health conscious and more aware of their food diet.

Nutritious can be Healthy
Over the years the myth about healthy being boring has been broken. Healthy can be nutritious and tasty at the same time. Nutrition plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Normally when we talk to people, they talk about going out and eating not only for nutrition and health but also for taste. The question here lies, why can’t good taste and health be combined? That is what everyone is looking at right now, a combination of good taste and health.  “I think some restaurants I know are twisting a little towards nutrition, health and becoming more health friendly. Also, in reality healthy food is not just low in calories; it is a mix of various nutrients that come into play,” shares Sheela Krishnaswamy a health and wellness expert.  Today many restaurants are concentrating on carbohydrates and fats and that is what they mostly display in the menu. They need to bring in lots of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber in their diet as well.

Nutrition definitely plays an important role in everyone’s life and restaurant and chefs will have to take this responsibility to deliver this right to the customers. “It’s about finding the right alternative. Healthy doesn’t mean expensive necessarily. At times you know an ingredient which is ten rupees a kilo which is also nutritious. It’s all about finding it right, plugging it right, combining it right and I think you have cracked the wall,” says Chef Akshay Nayyar who started his career at Ananda researching about ayurvedic food.

Introducing Innovation
It’s all about plating and presenting your dish right to the customer. “I totally agree with what we are talking right now as all of us include nutrition in our diets, take for instance vegetables, talking about cheese fondue having a lot of vegetables, which are very nutritious,” points Chef Koushik Shankar, Food Consultant and Entrepreneur, Eatitude, further adding that what makes people put on weight is the lack of moderation and the awareness.

Commenting on the same, Chef Vikas Seth of Embassy Group shares, “Eating in moderation is the key. I think it’s true for everybody and at the restaurant level what happens is, we have very healthy products, but at the same time we have food which will be heavy on the stomach. It can be healthy but only in moderation, but if you are going to be given one portion, you will be eating it all. So we have the responsibility of menus like that.”

Hence, we can say that there are so many things going on right now in the food and nutrition business but the right choice of food and calorie intake is what will trend in years to come. 

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