How restaurants are focusing on seasonality
How restaurants are focusing on seasonality

Food in India is as diverse as its culture. From south to west and north to east there is a varied trend when it comes to dining. People in East India love their food to be cooked in their own regional flavours and taste and this continues with the restaurant business and trend in the region. And, same trend continues to grow in restaurant as well. Restaurant industry is one such industry where entrepreneurs know how to take the fun seriously setting up a vibrant food culture. But, today with growing travel and food culture we need to focus on building a food place to a brand. “Menu is the heart of a chef and an organisation,” shares Chef Ramesh Javvaji Director, Culinary Studies- International Academy of Culinary Arts.

Regional cuisines has got much more flare than any international cuisine, the point is it has to be marketed well. There is much more potential for regional cuisine than any other cuisine globally. “North west food, Udupi food, Bengali Food and every other regional food is reaching out to far more people,” says Chef Sushanta Sengupta, Chef and Director, Savourites Group.

When organic is the new green

Globally people are moving towards healthy eating and lifestyle. People are much more aware about what they are eating, what ingredient is being used in the food prepared for them then they were used to be. These days’ customers want to know the calorie they are taking with every meal. And, this has made them more conscious about where their food is coming from. “As a chef we need to support farmers even when we charge little high from people for quality food,” shares Chef Vijay Malhotra, Executive Chef, ITC Sonar adding that seasonality of raw materials should be focus.

Commenting on the same, Chef Vikas Kumar, Executive Chef, Flury’s points, “It is impossible to sustain organic possible for all as people don’t understand the value of original food. Tea drinking is growing in India, upsurge of fresh and cold pressed juice is growing in India.”

There is a constant growth in the food and beverages segment in the western markets where restaurant owners and chefs are looking at ingredients like Indian coconut, garlic and turmeric and are including it in their diet and menu. “Fruits, vegetables based beverages is growing in the market,” adds Chef Sengupta.

"Restaurant owners needs to take small steps. Full-fledged organic is a challenge. They should introduce small section on the menu," points Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur.

Hence, with people dining out at almost 30-40% times a week people are looking out at varied food and dining experience. 

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