How Restaurants Can be Innovative With Time
How Restaurants Can be Innovative With Time

Keep innovating and success will follow you. This formula works everywhere in the world, even for the F&B sector. Customers are bored of eating the same kind of food time and again; the only way to satiate their palate is through continuous innovation. It’s necessary, to keep the brand fresh and alive. With reduced customer loyalty, there is a constant need to keep them invested. But at the same time, there should be a balance with the staples for them to fall back on. “I’m a firm believer of building an emotional connection with the customer, by not just delivering food but delivering an experience. An attempt to engage all the senses & build a long lasting relationship,” says Sanchali Aggarwal, Proprietor at Tawa Tales.

Innovation is Imperative

This is a fast paced industry and to be creative and innovative has to be a regular thing. Customers have too many options and to retain a customer they must always find something new and engaging in the menu. “You can't innovate enough. That's the adage I like to believe in. It's imperative to evolve with trends and taste, to tap into the ethos of not only the partygoer but the culinary aficionado as well as the spirit connoisseurs, and it takes a discerning eye to get on that train at the right time, lest you want to be left behind,” adds  Manish Sharma, Founder, Molecule Air Bar. Innovations can take any shape or form, but you can never leave the customer out of the epicentre of it all. There’s so much scope to expand and push the boundaries in food and beverage industry to offer patrons flavours’ that are unlike any other industry. Today, people are a lot more open to trying out new cuisines and flavours. And their exposure through travel is making them more open to newer experiences.

Customer is the Epicentre

People are supporting innovation with food and ambience rather than sticking to those traditional patterns. They are also not restricted to their normal routine options anymore. They are more aware and welcoming of new concepts and experimentations. Consumers are going beyond conventions and exploring the diversity of India on a plate. A confluence of trends is leading to an amalgamation of innovative disruption that is meting out a higher degree of personalisation and focusing on the increasing standards of what makes a happy patron.“I think proficiency in any field requires immense passion, hard work and innovation. In this particular field one must also be very passionate and pay a lot of attention to small intricate and alluring details. Tailoring to the customers’ need is also very important as the product must be what they wanted and MORE. This is even truer in a sprawling and competitive F&B environment like Delhi-NCR,” says Executive Chef Amit Sinha, L’Opéra.

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