How Social Media can Help Build Business
How Social Media can Help Build Business

In the 21st century, one can’t deny the power of social media. Social media actually works but it is an irony that many restaurants don’t know how to make most out of it. Spending INR 300 daily on social media could lead to an increment of 300 per cent revenue. “In Chicago, all restaurants have their own food trucks and they do not have standardised technology with navigations and trackers. All they do is to market their product on social media,” avers Avelo Roy,Managing Director at Kolkata Ventures. That is how every major restaurant is making most of the money. The young Indian generation do not like to wait for anything. They want everything instant like a touch on screen and food is at doorsteps and technology has made that possible. There are examples where restaurants have put their money in technology and they are making money today.

Merging Experience with Technology

Restaurant Industry is all about experience and entwining of experience and technology with artificial intelligence can do wonders in this particular sector. It would be a gift to the people exactly what they want. “One of the interesting things with a brand called ‘Panera’ is that their online system is not only about generating revenue but one of the biggest assets is the data that they are earning. People are connecting there via facebook and that is how the data about their likes and dislikes flows,” adds Roy. This kind of technology also provides customer the access to pass his suggestion and advice to the restaurant which in turn helps restaurant to serve them better.

Why not Outsourcing

Those who are not much aware about technology and outsource their social media handle to some other organization or media firm can do that by their own even in a better way. “You as the owner should know the intricacies of social media market because it is incredible to understand your market face to face. It is your business and nobody can understand it better than you. Some big organizations have stopped putting their advertisements on television because now they are putting all their marketing budgets into social media. They are one on one responding to people via social media and it makes a personal connect which you can’t do on television,” says Roy. Social media is all about directly connecting with the customer. It is the best kind of market research where customer can actually tell what they want from a restaurant. Serving a customer according to the restaurant’s menu is an old thing now. Time is changing so as the restaurant industry. Restaurants need to evolve themselves as per customer’s requirements.

Customers do not walk in a restaurant for the menu, every other restaurant has fancy menu today but the thing which matters is the service you offer them. And, social media is an extensive platform to make them understand why they should visit your restaurant. Every business is doing marketing via social media then why should food business left? One just needs to figure out who the customer is and then hit the bull’s eye. Target the audience directly and it doesn’t even cost more than INR 1 on 1 person. It is dense to do business without networking and social media is being monetised now days. Social media is like talking and if you can make your business talk able then it would spread like herpes.

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