How Social Media Marketing is Working as Indirect Sales Booster
How Social Media Marketing is Working as Indirect Sales Booster

From all the kinds of worlds we live in, none has been able to evade the force that social media platforms are becoming today; there is no denying that the world is in a major revolution acknowledged as digitalization.

As social media is permeating into all business and industry groups, food and beverage industry is no far behind in the race. F&B industries are recognizing the influence the digital technologies and social media platforms are influencing the millennial and even other industries. It is not a choice but has become an essential mechanism to reach potential customers.

In this ever changing industry, it is of utmost significance for F&b service providers to keep up with consumer taste and preferences. Social media is now a major advantage for those who want to create, engage and sell their products and services, and are not afraid to voice their brand and listen to their customers.

Food and beverage manufacturers are continuously strategizing, customizing and adapting their marketing techniques to meet the continuously transforming tastes and preferences of their targeted consumers. Through social media brands are making their presence known in the market, engaging their consumers and know their feedback. Companies are able to track their product’s performance through social platforms geographically which help them get relevant information and stay in sync with their consumer base.

Various brands are organizing various contests and giveaways causing a two-way conversation between customers. Social media is allowing brands to communicate with their audience like traditional media never allowed. Researchers have found that companies having impactful social media presence are leading in their race. In recent years, traditional marketing does not work like how it used to be anymore especially in the F&B industry, due to the advancement of technology and internet applications. Moreover, the usage of social media among companies is growing at rapid rates.


BRAND AWARENESS- companies are building and maintaining their social media public pages in order to build brand awareness and to improve their social network with their customers.

GENERATING CUSTOMER LEADS- there is a significant relationship between generating customers, acquiring them and retaining them. Which f&b executives are constantly working on, as it lets them not only shift their marketing strategies but also make changes in product and services according to customer taste and preferences.

INFORMATION PROVIDER- customer have the legal right to be informed about the product and services they are consuming, social media is the new convenient platform where informative content is being continuously provided by brands to inform the consumers.

CONSUMER FEEDBACK- biggest disadvantage that traditional media has is brands never get to know the opinions and reviews that the consumer are giving. Social media platforms have enormously cured this demerit as it has become easy for customer to post their reviews on company’s social media platforms, f&b industry are constantly in touch with what’s working and not working with their consumer base.

Brands are learning that to be on radar they have to be more listening then saying, through Social media companies provide customers with an alternative support channel as well as various customer services. Social media has now become majorly important for every industry.

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