How Sustainable is your Cuisine to take the Biz forward
How Sustainable is your Cuisine to take the Biz forward

Ethical eating or food ethics refer to the moral consequences of food choices. Making your customers believe and trust in your product enhances your ethical value in front of them. “So if one is delivering these ethics with good quality of flavors is just a perfect way of standing upon the expectation of the customers,” shares chef Akshay Nayyar, Partner, Kopper Kadai..

But the food choices and food ethics changes with the format. Lounges and similar formats have different ethical values as compared to other formats.  Good experience, fabulous presentation, good music clubbed with excellent services are the prime expectation customers have these days. Every model is completely different from each other. Food being paramount, their emotions are different, their tunes are different believe experts who have created some of the unique concepts in the industry.

Understanding Food Right

Recently a Delhi man drank liquid nitrogen at a bar which ended up with a hole in his stomach. He unknowingly drank liquid nitrogen which is usually used to quick freeze ice-creams and ended up landing in a private hospital with a mammoth hole in his stomach. Not realizing that the drink was to be consumed after the ‘smoke’ dissipates. Instead he downed it with one draught.  “Molecular Gastronomy is no harm, it’s just physics” explained Nayyar when asked about what is happening with molecular gastronomy. Also, a lot of chefs these days without even knowing what is the temperature of the liquid nitrogen, how to handle dry ice, what temperature it has to be stored at, what should be the time from adding to consuming so that it doesn’t expands in our stomach lag behind in that knowledge. Hence, that training does not exist in the system. People just want quick fixes. Right standards, right trainings if given there is no harm in implementing food science. 

“As Chefs and restaurateurs, we decide what to make popular” adds Chef Koushik Shankar, Restaurateur and Food Consultant adding that we as a chef need to create trend instead of following its as  a trend.

Commenting on the same, Sheela Krishnaswamy, Food and Wellness experts shares, “Physics is not a part of nutritional science. Molecular gastronomy is more of aesthetics, thrills as it doesn’t contribute or reduce the nutrition aspect of the dish.”

We have to face it. That’s tomorrow. Instead young chefs should focus on creating the uncreated recipe for tomorrow. That’s the responsibility of all the chefs. Also, chefs and nutritionist should work together for the betterment of the consumers. Getting to know how sustainable is your cuisine to be able to get and how sustainable it is to take your business forward as this is how our business will grow are some gimmicks to run restaurant business.

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