How The Traditional Millet Is Reviving Again With Time
How The Traditional Millet Is Reviving Again With Time

One of the major food trend that our country has witnessed this year is the rise of millets again. Millets are so in demand that they are actually welcomed into the mainstream segment rather than anything else. Many restaurants are now trying to serve people with old orthodox form of millets trying to revamp it in such a manner that it meets their expectations. Many new millet dishes have been introduced which are being liked and preferred by many people across the country.

With changing time and eating habits of people, the restaurateurs have started to think that way. Serving something delicious as well as healthy has been one thing which is in demand right now and the food industry people are taking proper care about that. The demand from health-conscious people has certainly revived the use of millets in the food industry.

“We can now find a variety of food product based on millets in the supermarkets which are located near us including the products like sweets, cookies, and noodles,” says Sagar Sharma, owner of Nutritious Nation. He further adds, “The food industry is now slowly collaborating with millet based products giving rise to a new kind of flavor to old products which are made from millets. Even the various sweets are being made out of millets which are providing nutrition as well as taste to the customers.”

According to a report, ICRI Hyderabad has named millets as the smart food for this century. Initially, millets were regarded as a product which was only consumed by the poor people. But things have changed drastically. With the rise in diseases like diabetes, millets have found their way back into the dietary life of urban people as well. The millet industry has witnessed a rise of 32% by 2017 and is expected to grow by 60% by the end of 2030.

Many restaurateurs and chefs have started working with millets, as the demand for consumption of healthy food has increased gradually. Slowly millets are making their way back on the menu of many restaurants. But for the millet based products to work, the right amount of ingredient used in making it is very necessary. The item should be perfectly balanced in terms of nutrients being delicious at the same time.

“The certain rise in the demand and consumption of millets is not just a trend,” says Nitish Bansal. He further adds, “Millets are definitely making a comeback in the market and are expected to sustain more precisely this time. They are the ancient grain which comes with multiple nutritional elements causing great help to the body of the consumers.” 

Millets being high in  fiber, vitamin B, iron and calcium, act as one of the healthiest food available in the market right now. Their tendency of absorbing nutrients and minerals is extensively high which is why they are preferred by most of the people these days. Millets have always been the answer to every mother for a healthy and nutritious diet. Millets being a versatile ingredient which can go with many variants, they have certainly found stability serving a healthy diet among them.

Millets don’t usually have an independent color which might be appealing. But when they are mixed with other ingredients like black olive paste and others, they can surely come up with a good quotient. Millets are still in the process of getting accepted by the huge quantity of people as their ingredient in the dishes. But slowly and certainly things are changing which is resulting in the rebirth of millets in the food industry.

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