How These Entrepreneurs Have Become 'Local Food Heroes' in Bengaluru
How These Entrepreneurs Have Become 'Local Food Heroes' in Bengaluru

From the sidelines, restaurateur Siddharth Mankani, Karan Virwani, and chef extraordinaire Vikas Seth may appear as three amazing men who have got their food act right – with flair of being creatively different. After all, between them, they have, what Bengaluru considers to be the coolest hang out places that serves not only the best Mexican (Sanchez) and Oriental (Sriracha) but also finest Modern European and Indian (BLVD Club), brilliant Multi Cuisine (Eden Café @ Embassy Springs) and exceptional Comfort Food (‘eat.’ Food Truck @wework Bengaluru).

But scratch the almost movie like aura these three stunning individuals create with ease, and one discovers that secret to what makes them the builders of some of the striking, award winning concepts that the city has seen recently with such flair and success – and that too at an unbelievable short span of two years. Each of them is an entrepreneurial unicorn with their own very unique forte. So while Karan Virwani, a broadsheet media’s darling and scion to the Embassy Group, is a serial entrepreneur who has created work space concept that changed the way Bengaluru works; Siddharth Mankani is the creative spirit and filmmaker who can turn any vision into reality and Chef Vikas Seth, the culinary, award winning genius who can teleport Mexico into the city with a bowl of Guacamole prepared fresh right next to your table.

No wonder that their signature restaurants, Sriracha and Sanchez have this unique time travel quality about that is both addictive and a perfect example of the trio’s approach to food, hospitality and the acumen that keeps them abreast (and ahead of ) the changing pulse of the city. Bringing brilliant concept to life isn’t the only aspect that has kept the culinary heroes on top of the game, almost raising them to be “Local Food Heroes” of the city, it is also their well thought of verticals and initiatives that has given them the edge of being a trendsetter: whether it is their constant involvement in promoting local produce, establishing a state-of-the-art outdoor catering that can serve upto 500 people food that is wholesome yet gourmet or establishing a goodwill aspect which promotes food culture through well appointed tomes Or like the first-of-its-kind book on Sriracha and Sanchez that takes the diner back to not only the making of their signature restaurants, but also the story and philosophy of the dishes served. But tell this to the three food musketeers, and they will most likely underplay the achievement. Says Virwani, “It is not as if we are not proud of what we have, but sitting on past laurels is not something that I ace in.” Mankani adds, “What you see today was a sheer graduation that transformed us from entrepreneurs to foodprenuers. So now, begins the interesting phase of creativity going a notch higher.”

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