How These FoodPreneurs have Created the Uniqueness in Biz
How These FoodPreneurs have Created the Uniqueness in Biz

There is sudden rush in the restaurant industry to do the new. Every restaurant these days is exploring the unexplored as they have understood that customers are looking for an unexpected experience rather expecting the same monotonous food being offered at your favourite restaurant.


When one talks about new food and introducing something new to the country they need to educate the customer to bring the entire experience to the table. It’s not about the food and getting your stomach fill and living the restaurant anymore. It’s about cutlery, crockery and the ambience all together that has lured to the restaurant.

“It is a bridge between both food and experience kept together. I am very disheartened when people in Delhi come to my restaurant and says I am a Punjabi and I want more spices. I always say give time to the food. Like it for what it is because it is a chef driven restaurant and if he is creating that food you are eating his food. He is not creating food for a particular audience but keeping in mind the universal palate and you will have to accept the change,” shares Chef Michael Swamy who started Latin American restaurant Nueva few months back in Delhi creating a new story with the food. So, we need to educate the public through food media and make them aware about new food.

Similarly, there is a sudden rise in the home based models and popup in the restaurant business. Culturally driven food and cuisines is taking a new edge in the industry.  We have interesting start-ups who are reviving old school, mother’s kitchen and getting business out of it. These start-ups are also educating people. We can say that these millennial are doing a fabulous job by creating business out of a niche concept and making it a global model. “Every region has a different method of cooking, blending spices and including the fun in the business which has been a real challenge,” points Karan Tanna who sold his successful venture to explore the franchise part of the restaurant business.

Is your Customer Judgemental?

“It was a complete fluke. I didn’t start TBK as a venture and thinking that I will quit my job. It was something to do for my mother. I was very organically building the brand with my social skills,” shares Munaf Kapadia, Chief Eating Officer at The Bohri Kitchen for whom word of mouth and the Bollywood community has helped a lot in creating the brand identity. “Let people recognise what is the USP of the brand that you are doing. And, that’s how you turn your business eventually built on customer review and feedback,” adds Kapadia whose challenge initially was on how do he charge money from people for meal prepared by his mom and bring them home. But it has grown into a substantial business today. The model is about new cuisine and also a new brand experience where food is all about sharing.

Started with a similar kind of patience and need, Pavan Jambagi who hails from a small town of Karnataka missed his home kind of a meal and the kind of South Indian food that was available in Delhi during his corporate stint was very basic south Indian cuisine. He started Carnatic Cafe six years back and is successfully running two outlets today which has become talk of the town. “Doing simple thing of whatever comes your best was my principle. I believe in shorter menu rather than an elaborate menu making sure that the food is consistent,” says Jambagi who has also lived at temples in Mumbai for two and half years to learn about people, culture and traditions.

Hence, we can say that everyone, every chef has a perfect recipe. But the main problem lies in keeping the business right.

Pic Courtesy: Nueva

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