How This Cafe Is Utilizing Wheat in Providing Healthy Cuisines To People
How This Cafe Is Utilizing Wheat in Providing Healthy Cuisines To People

Being a Delhi girl all her life, Kajall always was inspired by her family business which made her clear about carrying the legacy forward. Today she is one independent woman who is setting an example while serving to both her family business as well as her food joint. Excerpts from the interview:


I come from a business family so I was always aware about how things could be started towards owning something. When I opened my first outlet in GK 1 almost nineteen years ago, I saw that there was no concept of coffee at that time. There was a lack of place where coffee along with sandwich was served. During the time of my job, many times there was a situation when I went busy with them dealing things. In the process, I usually had no time to have my lunch and nobody will like to have that around 4 o clock. I wanted to eat something light which was not available. So basically the idea came at that time in terms of filling that gap when GK 1 was having no such place.


I have been a Delhi girl all my life. After pursuing my education, I shifted towards my family business and started to handle few of them on my own. Café Brown Sugar is a part of my journey which was founded by me and my husband. Doing something of my own was always there in my mind as I belonged to a business-oriented background.

Why Café Brown Sugar?

We named it as Brown Sugar as coffees generally are brown in color. It was just to add some fun element in the name. Actually, our motive was to provide people with fun at our outlet, we wanted to build a place where nothing was too serious. Light and fun like our food, the second idea behind coming up with Brown Sugar was to provide food to the people which are not available in Delhi at a very good quality followed at a very good price. We wanted everything to be here at our outlet. So we amalgamated our café with a little bit of every products which can be found in Delhi. The idea was to be everything under one roof.


Our wheat momos are legendary. It is a product which can be found only at our venture which is being loved by many people. In fact, there are people who come a long way just to have a bite of these wheat momos. Adding to the fact, we are still the only one who is doing wheat momos in the market. We wanted to keep stuffs healthy so everything in our joint is made sure that they come under the healthy category. Even our rolls, burgers, kulchas and everything are wheat. 


There are challenges in every minute of the day. You just have to be a fighter and get up and move on. Recently we lost our co-founder which came out to be our biggest challenge.


Uniqueness would be quality at a reasonable price. Having a big menu with the idea of having almost everything under one roof is another uniqueness I can say about Brown Sugar. I always so to people who come here that here you will find foods just as you serve to your family from your own kitchen. The quality of food is amazing which will make you come to us over and over again.

Expansion plans

I am having two models. One is a takeaway model whereas the other is the sit-down model. We are opening our outlet in South Ex which is also going to be a takeaway model along with the GK 1 outlet. Brown Sugar outlet in GK 2 is a sit-down model where people can come and enjoy the yum food being served by us at Kohinoor mall. We are currently having 4 outlets in Delhi and are planning to spread through the entire Delhi before moving pan India.

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