How This Outlet Is Contributing Towards A Healthy Nation
How This Outlet Is Contributing Towards A Healthy Nation

Grab A Diet is a joint venture run by a deadly duo pair of Marrie Sharma and Bhavya Khera. From arranging the finance, paperwork, infrastructure, goods and staffs all on their own, they have certainly understood the minute pieces of this industry. Excerpts from the interview:

How did your journey as a foodpreneur start?

We were always into food industry one way or the other. We have already worked for healthy outlet and owing to our experience in this field; we somehow managed to raise funds to start our own business. We basically wanted to tell people that healthy eating does not mean having only boiled meal or eating less but it means nutritious eating. The idea behind our venture was to serve those people who are very skeptic to their diet and healthy food habits.

What story lies behind the name Grab A Diet?

Since we are a health food outlet, we needed a name that would appeal to our prospective customers and also hold a meaning. The unique name that we have is true to the quality of food that we deliver. We were familiar with the trends going on in the industry. That’s why we wanted a unique and different way  to attract customers.

Why GK1 as the location?

The people in this area are particular about their health and quality of food. They understand that good nutrition is an indispensable part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

What are the special culinary items served at your venue?

Our healthy pita shawarma, grilled/baked fish and burgers are the most fast-selling item on our menu.

What is the average footfall?

This is our first month and so far satisfied with the new and repeat customers. The number of customers is growing every day. We are also getting positive feedback from customers for which we are really grateful.

How much money have you invested in your business?

We have spent around 11 to 12 lakhs till now and we are expecting to spend even more in the future. The customers’ positive response will certainly add towards our business.

How do you see the health trend growing with time?

We have felt that people are now more health conscious. We believe that in near future, more and more people will turn to health food.

How is the response from the customers?

Most of the reviews by the buyers are highly positive which has been encouraging us to provide more improved customer service. So far the customers have been very polite in sending their responses.

Any expansion plans?

 Yes, we have planned for expansion of our delivery restaurant. We have planned to open casual dining as well as a delivery kitchen in other parts of India.

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