How This paging technology has helped restaurants during COVID times
How This paging technology has helped restaurants during COVID times

Long Range Systems (LRS) is a US headquartered industry-leading technology solution provider that helps service-based businesses like hospitality, education, retail, healthcare, restaurant, and manufacturing segment provide a better customer experience. Akhil Bagga, CEO, LRS India when introduced the paging/buzzer system in India, he had a strong belief that this innovative product will change the way the hospitality industry works in India as nothing along these lines existed before. And, LRS India bagged its very first order just after its inception in India, it was October 2010 when they installed the guest paging system in one of the largest sweet shop chains in India. Further to which there was no looking back for them, they not only ventured into QSR but also installed their paging systems into corporate kitchens, outdoor resorts, luxury hotels, corporate board rooms, manufacturing plants, government agencies and much more. “LRS India now has a presence in more than 24 states across India and we feel fortunate to have worked with over 100+ brands & have successfully installed more than 10,000 paging systems to our happy & loyal customers. Some of our prestigious clients include Haldiram, Reliance Industries, Bikanervala, McDonalds, CII, P&G, Chaayos, Osho International, Westin Hotels, Cafe Coffee Day, Gopal Sweets & many more,” added Bagga. Excerpts from the interview:

How LRS product range is enhancing customer experience in Covid times.

LRS devices seek to restore the confidence of customers that eating out is now possible in a safer manner, our products were effectively used to cut down the rush at counters by 80% as now their esteemed customers could relax and enjoy with their families and only come to the counter when their order was ready for pick up.

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Why LRS innovations will play a critical role in helping customer-facing businesses communicate better with their customer base in Covid and post Covid scenario?

During pre & post Covid times customers were and are looking to eat out with no/minimal human contact. LRS paging evices are sanitised & cleaned after each use and handed over to the next customer making sure the safety and hygiene is well maintained. This has helped customers gain confidence in their eating out experience and believing that the LRS paging system helps them to know when their order is ready and only then they need to go to the counter to pick up their order. 

How such technology is supporting restaurant businesses in these challenging times. What benefits are restaurants getting?

LRS paging systems not only gives the customers a comfortable dining experience but also helps the restaurant businesses to reduce their wastage by more than 70% as the customer is immediately notified as soon as their order is ready which means that they are served hot & delicious food increasing their customer satisfaction. Our system also helps navigating and finding the desired customer at his exact location without any delays. Another strong sustainable benefit of using our pagers is that the staff members are now having less human contact and enables them to swiftly manage their crowd and customer expectations.


LRS expansion plans

We at LRS India are looking to expand our reach in TIER 1, 2 & 3 cities, as well as expand to areas where paging systems can be the new way to communicate, for this we are also looking at appointing resellers and dealers to make the business grow and spread across the country

Upcoming innovations and the new range of products

LRS India has launched its latest cloud-based tool connecting proprietary hardware, smartphones, and even third-party IoT devices to an interactive dashboard for enhancing operations for various industries. LRS Connect enables any business to quickly and easily deploy list management and task management for real-time operational efficiency and analysis of those tasks over time to further optimize and scale business processes. Some of the key features include an easy to use guest on-boarding module allowing customers to be added to the list, quoting an estimated wait time, and recording specific preferences and requests – all in a matter of seconds. Guests – and even staff - can also receive notifications on their mobile devices including countdown alerts, status and action alerts. Another new brand launch for LRS is VEN U which offers real time location services using bluetooth technology. Our VEN-U brand enables any business to engage, manage, and monitor guests, staff, and sites using RTLS (Real Time Locations System). Combined with in-depth data reporting, VEN-U provides instant insight and analysis for businesses to enhance guest engagement and maximise operational efficiency. Apart from all this, LRS constantly believes and adapts to market changes and launches new versions of its existing products as per market needs.

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New trends in the area of customer experience in the restaurant business

Customers are now looking at private dining and contactless hospitality experiences and to enable this journey for the customers LRS has solutions at every step with our guest pagers, push for service systems, real-time location and table tracking devices.

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