How This Restaurant Is Personalising Uniqueness
How This Restaurant Is Personalising Uniqueness

How did you come up with the idea of establishing your own venture?

From a very young age I wanted to start my own business and wanted to make my family proud. I worked for 10-12 years and saved an amount from which I can come up with my own venture. Basically, when I went abroad I discovered my passion for food and came up with the idea of opening a restaurant.

When did you realize that there is something for you in the food industry?

I believe that food brings people closer. Being a big foodie, I travelled the world and tasted different cuisines. That is when I realized that I have to do something in the food industry. Moreover, I wanted to treat people with good food and make them smile whenever they leave the place.

What’s the idea behind naming it as Pahmos?

The name PAHMOS came from a combination of Pasta (Pa) and Momos (Mos). We added “h” in between to make it sound good. There is no dictionary meaning of PAHMOS, but the team gave it a meaning as “Food for soul”.

What are the design elements that popped up in your mind while setting up your venture?

Pahmos is a theme based restaurant which inspired the interiors. We are focusing on wheel theme or basically anything round which emphasizes “There is no end”, and the other one is that of faces and expressions which emphasizes the mood of customers.

How do you see the trend of F&B industry changing with time?

Unlike older times, everything has changed these days. People want a place where there are good interiors, soothing music, good service and hygiene apart from good food. Although quality is what we aim for. I believe following the theme is important, but the main ingredient of a successful café is its food. (Every restaurant or café should pay attention to its food as well as its ambience and should make sure it’s unique and different.)

What are the various kinds of challenges you face while being into this industry?

The main challenge when a person is in the food industry is that of products. One needs to take good care of perishable items while cooking so that it does not affect the quality. Secondly, staffs and operational aspects are other challenge that we face being in the sector.  While choosing the staff, one should closely look into the profiles. A lot of maintenance is needed and one more thing we should high quality products so that there is no problem in future.

What are your marketing strategies to deal with challenges?

The main marketing challenge is that of Digital Marketing. People can be highly engaged by good digital marketing strategies, and so, it should continuously update.

What are your expansion plans?

We are planning to expand in Gurgaon and Delhi and also  to open a branch in Tier-II cities such Dehradun, Ludhiana etc.

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