How This Restropreneur is Making His Brand an Intrinsic Experience
How This Restropreneur is Making His Brand an Intrinsic Experience

In today’s time, every restaurant or a restaurateur wants to live up to the customer’s expectation by fulfilling their demands and making their visit a memorable one. Businesses have grown; some flourished while others have deteriorated with time.

“The nine year journey in the ever-growing and evolving F&B business has been very exciting”, says Inderjeet Singh Banga, who runs 3 Operational Brands namely Pirates of Grill, Prankster and the newest baby to their portfolio is Pra Pra Prank, a mysteriously named eatery at the DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

In conversation with Restaurant India, Banga shares the exciting journey of being in the business, running it successfully and taking it further through the franchising route.

Choosing the Right Business Model

“It’s a great opportunity to put your brand in newer places, meet people with similar mindsets, and together create a cohesive synergy between our thought patterns and their expectations out of a brand thus make the business grow”, says Inderjeet Singh Banga.

Giving an insight about his ventures, Banga said,” We have 3 franchised outlets at the moment which runs on a franchise model of FOCO. We are very particular with the brands that we operate and think our brands have a benchmark value for which we would not want to dilute the experience of the consumer.”

Balancing it Out

A brand is nothing but an intrinsic experience. Making your brand a process driven or a people driven organization is always worth enough.

As far as customer experience and customer satisfaction is concerned, Banga shares his plan to make this business more profitable and a sustainable one. He says,” When you work for your consumer that’s when you cross the first hurdle. Secondly, whatever experience you create it has to be given at multiple locations.”

The Roller Coaster Ride

Restaurant brands today are witnessing a roller coaster ride in today’s consumer environment. “From finding the right location to having found the mindset of people, to the government policies, to the intense competition and to the evolvement of Indian consumers, everyday can be a challenge for you when you are in the business”, says Banga.

From shifting customer preferences and expectations, the standards have been set very high with a sophisticated view on food and beverages.

Banga says,” You always have to be on the edge and it is only possible when you have a team who can do the right things for you. Only then your love for the work takes the front stage and the challenges take the backstage.”

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