How this start-up is working on becoming an international biryani chain
How this start-up is working on becoming an international biryani chain

How do you see the growing trend of Biryani in India?

Biryani is the next big food category in India after Pizza. Domino’s India is today around Rs 2000cr sales turnover with 1000 outlets. There will be 2-3 Biryani players in India in next 3-4 years with around Rs 500cr turnover each or more. Biryani is a complete meal with carbohydrates (rice) and proteins (meat/vegetables), both aromatic & flavoursome, and caters itself to delivery. Biryani has the potential to become the India’s answer to Italy’ Pizza & Chinese’ Noodles worldwide.

What was the whole idea coming up with this model?

Biryani By Kilo(BBK) is the only Biryani chain to make Biryani Fresh for every order in individual handis. Also BBK is the only chain to make three different styles of Biryani- Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and Kolkata. Also BBK uses very high quality ingredients (Rice, meats, spices) and the most authentic cooking process and recipes. The idea was to give the customer, home quality premium biryani in the traditional dum cooked style.

How has been the response so far?

Customer response has been terrific to BBK concept. All our outlets have received great business with a very high repeat rate from customers.

You are already experienced in QSR dining as you were attached with SAIF Partners operating over 200 restaurants. How are you introducing those experiences here?

BBK is not a QSR concept, as we take 90 mins to deliver every order. We cook fresh biryani for every individual order. In terms of systems and process, Technology and ERP, Kitchen Equipment, Customer Service-BBK matches or exceeds all big F&B chains in the country.

In terms of menu you are focusing on three kinds of biryani mainly from Hyderabad, Lucknow and Kolkata region. Which is the top selling and why?

Hyderabadi Biryani is the top selling as it is the most popular biryani in the country. But Lucknowi is slowly gaining ground among the food connoisseurs due to its aromatic and mild flavors.

What is the average order number and the ticket size?

BBK gets more than 10k orders per month. And average ticket size is Rs 1000.

Talking about your services...I can say that you are supplying in parts of NCR. Why not the whole of Delhi- NCR?

BBK currently covers Gurgaon, Dwarka, Noida and South Delhi. For bigger orders and catering, BBK covers the whole NCR. BBK will cover the whole NCR by this yearend by opening 4-5 more outlets.

Since 60 per cent of your orders are coming online. How much are you working on technology?

BBK has a huge strength in technology and processes. We use the cutting edge ERP, POS, Call Centre, CRM and Kitchen technologies.

Do you see any competition as we have seen quite a few biryani players entering the space?

BBK has a unique concept of selling fresh and premium biryani. Also BBK team and founders (Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal) have exceptional strengths and experience in F&B and Private Equity industries to make BBK a nationwide brand.

How are you marketing the brand right to the customers. Who is your target customer?

BBK uses both traditional ATL & BTL and digital marketing techniques to reach & engage with their customers.

What is your plan expanding the brand to other parts?

BBK will be going to other major cities like Pune and Bengaluru next year. Also BBK is receiving lots of international franchising enquiries. BBK should be nationwide and international premium Biryani/Kebab chain soon.

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