How This Venture Is Delighting The Midnight Food Craving Customers
How This Venture Is Delighting The Midnight Food Craving Customers

Born and brought up in Delhi, Sarthak always found the food industry attractive. Being from a non F&B background, he initially started working with Zomato from where he gained knowledge about the industry. Excerpts from the interview:

When did you plan to enter this business?

I am a foodie kind of a person who have have been a part of various brands in the past. So, doing something in this industry was always there. I always wanted to provide comfort food to the people craving for good food late in the night. That was the entire idea of coming up with my venture.

Tell us something about the products served at your venture.

We have an amazing range of products including pizzas, big juicy burgers, organic products and many more. We are trying to serve almost every kind of quick bites to the people to satisfy their hunger. Our bacon is directly imported from Australia from the beginning. The lamb that we use is absolutely authentic without any mixture. We believe that no matter what, customer satisfaction is a priority to us by providing the best quality food. We are trying to provide authentic taste to our customers keeping the hygiene factor in mind.

How do you promote your brand?

Frankly, we have not spent a single penny towards promoting our brand. It’s been nine months now since I stepped into this business and things have been going extremely well without any external marketing strategies. I only believe in the ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing which has gained us, customers, all throughout. In fact, we are planning to come up with a day venture as well after seeing the response from the customers.

Tell us something about your menu.

We do about 40 pizzas, 14 burgers and about 9-10 main dishes at our venue. I wanted the menu to be full of varieties where people can come and enjoy different items for a longer period of time. We are serving both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian customers.

How are you maintaining your venue and food which are prepared there?

We have a separate team of chefs and staffs present at our venture. In total, we have a team of 25 people who are working together as a team for making our brand a huge success. We actually have a three-stage check before the food is delivered to our customers. The first check is done by the chef while preparing the food. The second check is done where we make sure that the packing is done properly. The last check is where we make sure that the food meets the special instruction demanded from the customer so that they get the food exactly how they wanted.

What is the average footfall?

On a daily basis, we do about 45-50 orders. We do about 1600-1700 orders a month from our one outlet. 

How do you see the growth this segment is witnessing in the current time?

Food is a never-ending business. Like when I started this business, there were about 120 restaurants catering to midnight customers. But now the number has gone up to 260 in just about a year. We can expect to see every restaurant opening till 3-4 at night in the upcoming time keeping the demands in mind.

What are your expansion plans?

We are looking towards including multiple cuisines like Asian, Japanese, crocodile food and many others in the upcoming time. We are also planning to expand to other cities as well, Chandigarh could be the first city we are going to target. In the upcoming 3-4 years, we are planning to move pan India.

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